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Juvenile Delinquency: Is There A Solution?

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The first group of penalties assigned to juvenile delinquents by the court is incarceration. Incarceration is “the act of incarcerating, or putting in prison or another enclosure” ( There are many different incarcerating dispositions including; house arrest, juvenile hall facilities, group or foster home, and adult jail. First, house arrest is an order given to the juvenile that only allows the delinquent to go to work or school depending on the judge’s decision. Second, incarceration sentence type is juvenile hall/detention facilities. There are two types of juvenile hall facilities, regular and secured facilities. The regular juvenile hall facility is used for ...view middle of the document...

First, verbal warning is just a warning given by the judge not to commit the delinquent act again. Second, a fine which is “sum of money imposed as a penalty for an offense or dereliction” ( can be given to the juvenile offender to pay to the court. Next, counseling can be given to help guide the juvenile to take right path or help with the emotions. For example, anger management counseling is given to juvenile who fight because it assists with the juveniles emotions. Then community service it a non-incarcerating sentencing because it doesn’t require confinement to one place. Community service can take place at a local church, cleaning up a local park, or volunteering within the community. Electric monitoring is another non-incarcerating option for juvenile delinquents. Electric monitoring is similar to house arrest because a wrist or ankle bracelet is needed to keep track of location. Although it seems similar to house arrest it isn’t because electric monitoring doesn’t control where you can or can go. Finally, probation is the last type of non-incarcerating sentencing. “Probation is a program of supervision in which the minor’s freedom is limited and activities restricted” ( During this program the juvenile is assigned a probation officer that monitors the juvenile’s actions. The officer and the parents are in charge of monitoring the juvenile’s actions to ensure no violations are made. If probation is violated then the juvenile is sentenced to a stricter punishment, such as incarceration. As a result, juveniles who receive non-incarcerating punishment because the delinquent acts committed are not severe.
Reducing juvenile delinquency requires many different solutions because there are many different causes for juvenile delinquency. First solution for juvenile delinquency is to create a facility for juveniles with mental disorders. Next...

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