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Juvenile Deliquency Research Paper English Research Paper

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Alexander Sanchez
Professor Brookins
College Writing and Research
21 November 2017
Juvenile Delinquency
Children in this generation grow up in different types of environments. How someone grows up can tell how they are as a person. If a child has a rough time growing up it is usually because of what his or her family has been through. “Most of the children in the younger generation have a do not care attitude and most of the time with that type of attitude they usually are having a rough past with their families and other situations that they were put through” (Morano). As it is hard to understand the origin of individual differences in the life of these juveniles to fully understand what they are truly going through as young adults. Most of the time they are not sure what they are getting themselves into. Many juveniles that end up going into the jail system have parents that have also been in the system and people need to help them and have programs for the young adults to show them that it is not always right and they need to do better for themselves. To improve the next generation of youth society should understand how they become delinquents, the effects on their life, and how to help juvenile delinquents.
First, court systems need to figure out how juveniles become delinquents and what exactly is leading them to do the delinquent acts that they do. “With all of the crime that is going on in today’s world people so often have a problem studying the juvenile offenders meaning the age, race, and gender.” (McNamara). Many times, it is because of family members and what the family will put the child through. If a young adult is living in a home where he lost his father and it's just a mother raising him most of the time that juvenile will go out of the way to misbehave because he knows his mother will not punish him for. “Understanding life as a criminal they often have trouble with tough love” (Hamilton).  The decisions that teens make also leads to them going to jail or putting them in other situations that they do not want to be part of. The people that juveniles are around led to the decisions that they will end up making. If they are surrounding themselves with positive people, then they will have a positive impact. Most of the time if they are around people who do not care and have negative impacts on their life, then that usually leads to gangs and jail time. “To provide violence you have to have a do not care attitude and uncertain looks to believe a gun is a key to do anything” (Marano). The people whom they socialize with they are going to end up being similar to.
Also, the community that teens grows up in as well as what they will most likely end up doing with their life. If children grow up in a bad community, then most of the time children are being set up to be in the prison system. Most bad areas have drugs and alcohol that these young children are getting into at a young age and it is ruining their future success....

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