Juvenile Offenders And Crimnal Behaviors Engl1102 Research Paper

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DesMonet McKnight
Professor Berlethia Pitts
29 March 2017
ENGL 1102.01 MW
Juvenile Offenders
Juvenile delinquencies and criminal behaviors are committed by people who are under the age of 18. Once a child reaches adulthood; antisocial and criminal behavior is known as a crime. Juvenile delinquency is important today’s society for numerous reasons. The important aspects of juvenile delinquency are the acts of delinquents that result in sociometric status and bullying, an indicator of the general health and lastly life events.
Bullying and sociomtric status are two different forms of victimization. “Bullying is the use of superior strength or influence to force someone to do want one wants”. Sociometric status is a measurement that reflects the degree of which someone is liked or disliked by their peers as a group. Most sociometric studies have been done in schools because schools are where children spent more of their time during the day. The classification system assigns a child into one of six groups: popular, rejected, neglected, controversial, average, and other. According to researchers, “Popular children tended to demonstrate prosocial behavior, were helpful and considerate, respected authority and rules, and actively engaged in interactions with their peers, rejected status receive fewer, if any, positive nominations and many negative, controversial received both positive and negative, neglected received few, average generally received some positive and negative and tended to be viewed as neither highly popular nor unpopular, and lastly the “others” fit into none of the other four categories” (Morrison and Ramsay pg.119 and 120). The positive and negative nominations were used as if it was an election to see who was liked more and not at all. Sociometry has allowed professionals to see if children were at risk for becoming bullies of for being victimized by bullying. It is important for teachers and other staff to know and understand sociometry because of the things that could happen. “Over the past 30 years, clinicians and researchers have come to understand that bullying is a serious threat to healthy child development and a potential cause of school violence and nearly 30% of students reported being involved in bullying in the current term, either as a perpetrator or a victim” (Morrison and Ramsay pg. 124). Researchers have identified four types of bullies: physical, verbal, relational, and reactive bullies. “Physical bullies tend to be action-oriented, verbal tend to use words to hurt their victims, the relational bully uses words and actions, and reactive bullies are those who taunt other bullies into fighting with them” (Morrison and Ramsay pg. 124). Most bullies have been classified as rejected/aggressive children and have a positive attitude towards violence. Indicators have proven that those very children by the age of 30 years, they were likely to have more criminal convictions and traffic violations than their less aggressive...

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