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Juveniles Without Parole Sentence Tri C Eng 1020 An Argument Essay

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Nataliia Protsyuk
Doctor Luke Schlueter
ENG 1020
February 20, 2018
Ground Assignment Essay: Life without Parole Sentencing for Juveniles
After reading the article Should Juvenile offenders ever be sentenced to life without the
Possibility of Parole (Steinberg, L.& Scott, E. 2010). I did some research on the adolescence stage
of human development, regarding the reason juvenile offenders should be sentenced to life without
the possibility of parole or not. And I have conducted a few facts of the adolescent brain debating
on this argument.
I have heard many stories of the cruel and evil crimes that some children have committed.
There are numbers of causes that can occur during development, that can cause these, kind of
criminal behaviors. Antisocial behavior which can be broken down into different types of behavior.
First is the presence of antisocial behavior for instance aggressive and disobedient behavior and
second is the lack of prosocial behavior, which means behavior that demonstrates cooperative,
truthful and caring children. Behaviors such as these can really alter a child’s behavior. Most
children show signs of some antisocial behavior during their development, and different children
demonstrate different levels of prosocial and antisocial behavior. Some children however, may
manifest extreme levels of both antisocial and prosocial behaviors; for example, a very loving but
hostile child. Some children can experience low levels of both types of behaviors. Extreme levels
of antisocial behavior are considered a mental illness. Young children may show extreme
antagonism towards authoritative figures and be diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder.
On the other hand, older children may lie, or engage in violent behavior, and be diagnosed
with conduct disorder. Factors that contribute to an individual child’s antisocial behavior vary, but
frequently they usually include some kinds of family issues. For instance, divorce, extreme and
strict disciplinary actions at home or actual child abuse, or health problems. Children and
adolescents with antisocial behavior disorders have an increased risk of school dropout or failing
grades, early alcohol and substance abuse, suicidal acts or attempts, and criminal behavior. An
important characteristic of antisocial children and adolescents is that they appear to have no
feelings. Beside showing no care for others’ feelings or remorse for hurting others, they
demonstrate none of their own feelings except for a very aggressive and antagonistic.
To understand clearly an assignment we need to look at some pros and cons. There are
some main pros points of juveniles being tried as adults. First of all, we should try to deter and
minimize crimes committed by minors. There is no denying that crimes committed by minors are
on the rise. According to the Office of Justice Programs, the number of juvenile arrests made in
2012 is over 1 million, which may be alarming but it is actually 37% less than the arrests...

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