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Dr. Powell starts to doubt his oven explanations, his beliefs, him self.

Roberts Porter, A man from new Mexico, wife and daughter murdered in 1996, in the end in a catatonic state of mind.

In the end on July 27th when Prot leaves, his body, he is found in the room on the floor. Dr Powell take care of him and treat him. But he is not responding. He is catatonic unresponsive in any way. The reason for Robert to be in this state is simple, previously in the s movie up til now we see k-pax resident Prot had used Roberts body as a container for his energy , soul, him self as Prot. Robert went back to his original condition as he was in whence Prot first saved him in 1996 on his way to commit suerside by the water.

As we see in the movie in the hypnosess sessionsPrott tell us that he tend to visit his friendwheneeverr he was in problems. Prot tell us that he tend to visit his friend Robert when ever he is in pain or problems. I assume that time in 1996 Robert was in severe pain and Prot got down to him, saved him the last moment before he could commit suside. Took him back to k-pax. Since the shock at the time he realized his wife and kids got murdered. and he just want to give up live in all means.

This time Protleave to kpax wilt Bess, this time he ooccupiess Besses body andtravell back to kpax. As Prot him self have mentioned several of times he can only take one back with him. This explains why Roberts body was never found, because Prot was using it, and now he left Roberts body behind and took Bess with him.
Prot arrived at the train station with help of light, and he surely form start to end in the movie claim to be a K-paxian. The police determine that he is mental ill. They transfer him to a mental facilitated hospital. Prots a walk in on visit from a freindsly higher enveolded coconstellation called Lyra.

Family and social structure

Children circulate amaong them and learn important things from one and then another. Just like the basic principle in native American Indianan. They have raised their children jointly in villages, as one socialety.

No wife no kids no husband no families, no law, no government, no layers everyone know right from wrong. Human seek justice, the sinner have to pay the price the hurt one want justice.

Dr. Powels reactions to how tot deal with prouts converstions and info is very normal. Every normal human being will react with disbelieve at first. I as human tend to analyze any given situation according to my knowlegge, baggrund ecpirence and education. Dr Powell does so he hypnostise...

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