Ka'u And Mr. Spider Essay

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On the wonderful planet of earth, on the magnificent island chain of Hawaii, in the quiet town of Kaneohe there was a hula mound at King Intermediate. On a school day much like today there in the spring of 3102 there was a Ka’uhane. Her real name is called Ka’uhaneihikapu Jace Cervantes but we will just call her Ka’u because that’s what all her friends call her. Every day she goes down to the hula mount to eat a potato and play her flugelhorn. She loves potatoes.
On that same day during spring there was much new life, it being spring and all! On of that new life was a little spider names Mr. Spider. He was carefree and ready to make new friends.
During recess of that day Ka’u went down to the hula mount to practice her flugelhorn and eat her potato. On her way Chase number one and Chase number two waved to Ka’u on her way to the Chase convention. “Chase are so annoying with their chase conventions she thought” Ka’u whispered under her breath. Ka’u was just taking a bite of a potato as Damien came up and asked for a pencil. “Annoying” she said and she blew Damien away with her flugelhorn and started playing. Ka’u being first flugelhorn at the King intermediate flugelhorn ensemble was a very good flugelhorn player and when she played it called all the new life of spring. As Ka’u played her classical jazzed up swing music all the Nene gooses came out to listen to wonderful Ka’u. ‘I’iwi and the ‘elepaio birds sang in the distance all was wonderful and peaceful. Mr. Spider heard Ka’u wonderful playing and said “I want explore my small little forest and find out who was making that sound”. So he set off searching and looking. Hang on a line of silk Mr. Spider spun himself he was about to give up till he spotted her and started his descent to the hula mound. Ka’u, in her deep musical focus suddenly feel something harry crawl up her leg. He tried to ignore it but it got close and close. She tried to brush it off and it said “HEY, I just want thank you for you wonderful playing”. Ka’u...

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