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Kafka And Alienation Essay

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(Please see The Corpse by Joshua Gonzalez aka NeonFx)Kafkaesque: AlienationTo be alienated is to be separated from a society because of differences between one's being and that of an average person of that society, or because of differences between one's ideas and morals to those of the collective mind. Franz Kafka's works have been recognized as symbolizing man's alienation and/or prosecution in an indifferent world.The Metamorphosis(1915) and The Hunger Artist(1924) by Franz Kafka are two examples that I will use to demonstrate this point. In The Metamorphosis a traveling salesman living with his family wakes up one morning to find that he is now a giant insect. His family is displeased and, by keeping him locked in room and increasingly ignoring him, the salesman/insect finally dies, seemingly from alienation. In this short story there are several occasions in which he seems to be completely alienated by his father, but just as many occasions in which he is not by his sister. The salesman/insect finally dies, when the last person that cared for him the least bit, his sister, alienated him. The salesman/insect realized this when he heard her tell their parents that the insect must go. When the closest people in the salesman/insect's life turned against him, surviving as a bug for life became impossible. And upon hearing this, he went back into his room, and went through hours of reflection before his head dropped down to the floor at 3 in the morning.The main character in The Hunger Artist takes a very different approach to alienation. This short story tells...

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1226 words - 5 pages Metamorphosis when he was seen with “thin little legs,” because he “didn’t eat in such a long time,” Kafka’s feelings of being unwanted were expressed when he wrote Grete saying, “now we can thank god,” (Kafka, 52) after finding Gregor’s corpse. Adding this comment highlights the alienation Kafka felt in his own family and the feelings of the world being better off without him. In Gregor’s final scene as a bug, he deteriorates, signaling Kafka’s wave

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1486 words - 6 pages uses various details and events to express his own feelings and personal events in his life. Kafka uses Gregor to symbolize himself and mainly uses him as a medium to express these aspects of his own life. Kafka makes Gregor a vile creature in order to express his feelings about his own physical characteristics. He also uses Gregor’s volatile relationship with his father to show his own relationship with his father and uses Gregor’s alienation and

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2262 words - 9 pages . Gregor, the main character and Kafka himself, experienced insecure behavior, alienation and depression in their relationships. For Gregor, these symptoms had a tremendous effect on his self-concept: it led to a depressive and desolate end. Kafka’s misery in his real life was reflected in the Gregor‘s transformation. The Metamorphosis exposes the outcome of negative self-concept from Gregor’s feelings from his relationships, alienation and loss of


555 words - 2 pages Parker 1Parker 3Abby ParkerMrs. Austin10th Grade Literature and Composition28 August 2014The MetamorphosisThe Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka is definitely a novel that teaches you good life lessons and contains many themes. Kafka uses and extreme amount of imagery which speeds up the narrative pace and keeps readers involved. The main theme that sticks out in this novel is alienation. Alienation is defined of being isolated from a group or

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1705 words - 7 pages perfectly executed. My own diction is probably a bit too academic at times, which works to create a somewhat different tone. Kafka probably would have thought that words such as “indefatigable” and “torrid” were unnecessary. The formality of Kafka’s diction helps to establish a formal and generally objective tone, which seems to add to the prominent themes of alienation and isolation in Metamorphosis (as well as in other works). Though, the tone

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1196 words - 5 pages identity, alienation, and an individual’s search for meaning is shown in this novella. Instead of finding ways to change himself back into a human being, he just thinks “What has happened to me?” (Kafka 13). His mind automatically shifts to thoughts of work. Gregor accepts and is aware that he will die soon, but still decides to live as an insect. This identifies with the existential theme regarding an individual’s search for meaning in life

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1707 words - 7 pages , Franz. The Metamorphosis. Mattituck: Vanguard Press, 1946 Thiher, Allen. Franz Kafka A Study of the Short Fiction. Boston: Twayne, 1990 Sokel, Walter. “From Marx to Myth: The Structure and Function of Self-Alienation in Kafka’s Metamorphosis.” Thiher et al. 147-156 Bloom, Harold, ed. Modern Critical Interpretations/Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. New York: Chelsea House, 1988. Hardin, James and Daviau, Donald, ed

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1067 words - 5 pages Breaking Free: Analysis of Theme of Alienation in Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis In the graphic novel, The Metamorphosis, written by Franz Kafka and adapted by Peter Kuper, the protagonist Gregor Samsa awoke one morning, only to find himself unable to move nor get up from bed. The graphic novel depicts Gregor’s struggle with his own freedom and responsibilities, as well as his relationship with his family, society, and his job. The narrator

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1023 words - 4 pages of the room, with Gregor martyr like personality and his pest like existence according to his family and society, Kafka can justify his idea of the non-existence of unconditional love today in society. Through the description of the setting of the room, Kafka illustrates Gregor’s sense of alienation from others. From the very beginning, Kafka depicts a “regular human bedroom, if a little small, lay quiet between four familiar walls” (Kafka 7

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1280 words - 5 pages ;” (29). Samsa’s father resorts to abuse reflecting the violent temper Kafka’s father had too when he abused Franz in his childhood. Kafka exhibits his relationship with his father through the interactions between Gregor and Mr. Samsa. Through Gregor’s life of solitude, Kafka expresses his depression during his final stages in life. In the novella, Gregor becomes reclusive as no one wants to be around him due to his new form. His alienation from