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Kai Kung Peninsula City Escapes – Geotour Of High Island Reservoir And Its Vicinity

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Kai Kung Peninsula City Escapes – Geotour of High Island Reservoir and its Vicinity
Regional Access:
- A bus ticket or two and enough sleep before the excursion
- Take Bus 94 at Wong Shek Pier to Pak Tam Chung. Past the barrier gate, walk ½ km to the road intersection, continue some 1 km walk up the slope to High Island Reservoir.
Coastal Geological Formation and Its Values
ew places in Hong Kong have a more indented coastline than the Sai Kung Peninsula, a scenic gem of the New Territories and neither a comparable variety.
n the mid-Jurassic Period some 180 million years ago, craters and volcanoes spewed our lava with dust, ash, stones and gravel sent up in the air by occasion ...view middle of the document...

Yet it requests some 5 hours of your time.
Why High Island Reservoir
he eastern Sai Kung peninsula and High Island Reservoir have some of Hong Kong’s finest countryside. The peninsula was for long kept remote by its rugged terrain and exposed coastline. The southern road around the reservoir is Stage One of the MacLehose Trail, with along breathtaking natural beauties. Beyond the south dam the reservoir spreads out below, across a pass, the sea comes into view… The following there are some of the typical spots the back page, please take reference to the tourist map in the attachment.
1. High Island Reservoir
igh Island Reservoir has its wide expanse of water, sloping banks and enormous banks. Completed in 1979, challenged the rules of reservoir building, High Island Reservoir holds a volume of 270 million cubic meters of fresh water, 40 times the capacity of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir.
2. Po Pin Chau
o Pin Chau, something of volcanic rock terrain, is a typical sea stack landform. A long period of marine erosion separated it from the mainland. Today this islet and High Island stand closely opposite, with some narrow strip of water between them.
3. Hexagonal rock columns
arge eruptions of basalt lava created deep flows of molten rock. The rock slowly cools and shrinks slightly. The stresses cause jointing in...

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