Kallang Riverside Park: Outdoor Activities Analysis

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The Kallang River is the longest river in Singapore and it flows via the Marina Channel into the Marina Barrage a dam (Cornelius, V., 2008). According to the researchers from the (National Parks Board, 2009), the Kallang riverside park located on the side of this river which holds many recreations and sports activities such as fitness equipment and jogging and cycling tracks marked with distance markers. This cycling tracks leads down towards the Esplanade Park which is one of the oldest parks in Singapore. Built in 1943, it was redeveloped in 1991 to enhance the Civic District's identity.

The Waterways Watch Society (WWS) is a society that works with the community to identify such sources of pollution of the Marina reservoir and propose solutions to stop it through environmental education and awareness activities. WWS has a bicycle environmental patrol programme since 2005 and the map of this cycling path is shown in Fig-1. This programme consists of various hands-on activities, ranging from environmental science, history and culture to biodiversity at the southern marina of Singapore. It provides a sense of ownership and holistic learning through both positive and negative impacts of human habits and development toward the environment (Waterways Watch Society, 2013).

Problems face

With the warm tropical climate, it is occasionally difficult to attract participants to take part in these meaningful activities, especially those who could not balance on a bicycle, and dislike outdoor activities. One way to promote participation is to re-design a concept cycling device to take up to four participants to increase the fun and entertaining factor and to attract the amusement of passer-by, bringing attention to the good cause of the environmental programs.

Current cycling devices used to accommodate more than one cyclist and those that are unable the balance on a bicycle would be the quadricycles commonly seen at East Cost Parks shown in Fig-2. However due to the different obstacles along the current path, such as boulders Fig-3 and underpass Fig-4 and Fig-5, than requires cyclist to dismount and push the bicycle. Design considerations of width of the quadricycle and the weight need to be taken into consideration.

Literature review

Cycling is a popular sport in Singapore. According to the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) Sports Participation Survey 2010, it list cycling as the 7th most popular sport in Singapore with more than 100,000 cycling enthusiast. This number grows significantly every year (Yusof, A., 2012). According to the research done by (Yusof, A., 2012), the popular OCBC Cycle Singapore event has seen contestants swell from 5300 in its initial year in 2009 to close to 11000 in 2012.

A reason for its popularity as stated by (Fotheringham, W., 2011) “The particular joy of cycling is in its infinite variety, its seemingly boundless history”. When you get onto a bicycle, you are able to travel anywhere. A bike has...

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