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Kama Sutra; Sex Positions Essay

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In the 21st century many adults can receive proper information about sexual positions. Different sexual positions are used throughout the world, learned from the historical traditions, such as the Kama Sutra, to experiencing different techniques in the 21st century and could find many information on different sex positions. Many erotic sex positions get their names due to the positioning of the male and female during sexual positions. (Some sex positions are also used with female-to-female or male-to-male) But most people only find the basic sex positions through television or movies, which can be boring if only knowing one or two different types of sexual positions.Information about sex positions can be written in a book, that you can purchase at a local bookstore or could one could rent a book in the library. The Internet is also a good source to find different sex positions. The Internet provides webmasters to post their feelings and knowledge about sex positions and how it could provide a better sex life. Or, with a sex partner, a person can experiment different techniques with positions, learning which different sexual position they find fun and stimulating.Many people find their information facts in a certain book that has been written in the 4th century. The book is called The Kama Sutra. In the Kama Sutra, there are over 50 different sexual positions and 15 oral positions. The Kama Sutra was written and was believed to bring the man closer to heaven if he used more sex positions from the Kama Sutra book. Also, the bigger penis' the men had, or smaller vaginas women had, would make their gods believed they were powerful and stronger. Many different authors from A.D. 100-400 wrote the book. The Kama Sutra is no different from the present day; to help us improve and enhance the sex life. The original Kama Sutra readers were not different to us. Only difference is through centuries.The Kama Sutra had many stimulating oral positions as well that we still use today. The famous 69 positions were called "In the Congress of a Crow" as both partners work together to give and receive oral stimulations. Another exotic oral position is The Cunnilingus, (AKA Clitoral Stimulation) where the man gently inserts his tongue into her vagina, creating a more stimulating feeling to the women. The Fellatio, (AKA Sucking the penis) is where the women shall insert the penis into her mouth and tighten her checks to suck, making a pleasurable feeling to the penis. As for intercourse, the Kama Sutra book was VERY popular with modern times and in recent times. The Kama Sutra provided a lot of information about how and why we try different positions. The Kama Sutra book said intercourse was very good for one's spirit. Some popular sex positions in the Kama Sutra was the famous Missionary...

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