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Kanpur Central Railway Station Essay

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Kanpur Central Railway Station was built in 1928. It is the busiest station of North Central station. It holds the similarity to the Delhi railways, the record for the largest route interlocking system in the world. Not only this, it has highest rail crossings (48) at its diamond crossing. It is one of the four central railway systems, situated on the Howrah - Delhi broad gauge route passing through Uttar Pradesh. Known for most of the traffic jams with 280 trains passing through this station, more than 1.5 lakh passengers travel through these trains. Kanpur Central handles around lakhs of passengers every day, which helps people to reach their destinations. It occupies in top hundred booking stations of Indian railways. Its elevation is 126.63 meters (415.5 ft). It has got 10 busy flat forms. The main railway station of the city lies in Cantonment area. It is connected with Jhansi, Lucknow, New Delhi, Agra, Howrah etc. The trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani have stoppage here. The Central Railway Station boasts of halting nine pairs of Rajdhani trains.
Though the structure of this station is standard, but it was modeled from the inspiration by Lucknow's magnificent Charbagh NR railway station building which was built by British in 1914. Kanpur Central has secured a place in 50 world class Railway stations by Mamtha Banerjee in her Railway budget session.
Thus, Kanpur Railways started getting its revamp, but in phases, though the work is still in progress and NCR officials are trying to keep their word by completing the project in the near future. At present for the passenger's convenience it has got two foot-over bridges one called as Howrah Bridge and other named as Delhi bridge. Also, the station has one underpass route connecting all the railway platforms.
Proposed Facilities:
For the convenience of the senior and disabled passengers NCR is planning to install two escalators, The another interesting proposal is to built three layered underground parking which will be first of its kind in railway stations, this will ensure smooth flow of traffic and occupancy of space outside the station. The grievance cell has been made available to the passengers for getting their complaints registered related to non-availability of drinking water. The maintenance of the existing retiring room and dormitories would be taken up in the next phase. Also, a new platform surface has been made at the platform number one.
As Kanpur Central is getting its major remodel done, keeping in view of the beautification project, the token system has been introduced by railway...

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