Kansas Nebraska Act And The Civil War Gordon Lee High School 8th Grade English Essay

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The Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 caused many outbreaks. It caused what’s now known as Bleeding Kansas. The Act had is downfalls, but it had some good things about it. And now, Id like to discuss those things that made the Act good, but also very bad. The Kansas Nebraska Act created a mass conflict between the ones whom were against slavery, and whom were not.
The Kansas Nebraska Act was a big player in the cause of the Civil War. One thing is that there where people called free soilers and abolitionists. The abolitionists where against and the free soilers where the kind of people that wanted slavery, but they were deprived of land. One thing that infuriated the North, or the abolitionists, was that the new Act basically tore up the rules of the Missouri Compromise. In the newly made territory of Kansas, pro slavery and antislavery supporters seek to win control for what they believed in, and this caused political chaos and a mass bloody battle. This was the result of Bleeding Kansas. The Missouri Compromise stated that there cannot be any slave owners above 36'30. The release of this compromise infuriated the pro-slavery supporters and the tension between the Northerners and the Southerners only grew...

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