Kant´S Theory On A Happy Life

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Growing up, I was given the freedom to choose who I wanted to be, to decide what I wanted to do. I grew up with many different opportunities and chances to try out new things. A simple life I led as a child, sheltered and loved by all, but I was oblivious to reality, lost in my own “perfect” world. Yet as I grew up and began to surpass the age of imaginary worlds, the idea of “perfection” had begun to fade and reality began to settle in. Like a splash of cold water, I went from a childish mindset to an adult’s. Child hood play was a thing of the past and responsibility became the norm.
According to Kantian’s theory he rejects all the previous notions of the way to live a happy life by other theorists and instead believes only moral goods and intrinsic acts can lead to the good life. My childhood I could say was a happy life, yet according to some of the other theorists, I was missing some components. Now as a college student I have yet to figure out the road to this so called happy life, so through this class I took a journey looking at many theories, ideas, theorists, and philosophy components in search of the optimum guide to the happy life, yet what I discovered was that there is no “perfect” guide to the happy life. Kant has a great idea, but so does some other theorists, therefore my conclusion is this; I can follow any or all of the theorists in search of the “perfect” happy life yet in each I will find faults or limits in them. There is no “perfect” guide to follow, only people who in themselves have found satisfaction in one theory and mindless of the limits or faults stick with that idea.
Kant is the closest theorist I would have to say to following a “real” happy life, he has some really good points and objectives. However even with his near “perfect” ideas, there are still some errors in his conclusion or ideas that I can disagree with.
If we as humans only lived within darkness and sin, selfishness and greed would be the norm and our world as we know it would be lost. Through human beings wanting to understand and to live intrinsically for others, our world has continued on though not unscathed. Throughout my life, I grew up in a Christian home, hospitality and service was a part of my growing up years. I was always told to look out for the less fortunate and to give what I had even if it wasn’t much. This is what Kant’s theory says; we should give from our hearts, intentionally without a future motive, an end instead of a means to an end.
We also should look at the difference between what we “ought” to do and what we “must” do. If we as humans were required by law or by thought to do something for another human being, then it is a “must” action, not of our own will, therefore it goes against the good will of the person. However, even if it is required or because a human being “wants” to, then it is through a good moral intention that they do this. What Kant’s theory explains is that it is through a good intention, a positive...

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