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Kant’s View On Abortion Explained By Categorical Imperative

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Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy either because the baby is unwanted or the mother requires the abortion due to medical complications. With this issue the controversy lies in three moral groups of thought. First, the conservative view that believes that abortion defies moral law and/or should only be used to when medically necessary for the mother. The liberal view states that an abortion can be used regardless of the reason because the decision solely rests with the mother. Lastly, the moderate view believes that the act of aborting is justified to a wavering point. After review of the different positions on abortion and Kant’s ideals on morals, specifically categorical ...view middle of the document...

” If pregnancy in fact is a categorical imperative then it is also practical law and everything in nature works because of this fact. The human race (and every other species) continues because of pregnancies that result in the birth of a child. Abortion counters this practical law by destroying the purpose of repopulation and goes against the workings of nature.
Another argument against abortion surfaces when Kant describes which action you should always choose: “Act only in accordance with that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it become a universal law.” Pregnancy is the universal law for producing offspring. There is no other way to produce offspring besides cloning which is another morally debatable topic. Abortion on the other hand could never become a universal law. One reason being not everyone would agree to have an abortion. Two, if everyone agreed to an abortion earth would not support life because a next generation would never be produced.
Based on Kant’s ideas on categorical imperative, Kant’s idea on abortion would be conservative and...

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