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Kantian Ethics Paper

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When being an electrical engineer, acting in a professional way is one of the most important things to remember. Supplying products or doing services in a professional way makes companies look better and more appealing to consumers. Clients are very important to engineering because they bring in most of the money for engineering professions. Clients want professional businesses they can trust and have faith that the good or service being done for them is being done correctly and efficiently. With that though the clients must also be respectful to the professionals doing the task for them. These professionals are taking time to create a good or perform a service for their client. A strong ...view middle of the document...

What this means is that every person on this earth has some significance and should not be treated as a tangible object. We as human beings have a duty to treat others around us as having worth and meaning and not as something that has no meaning to us like an object or a device. Even though some people are not as meaningful to us as others are, everyone is important to someone and therefore we have the obligation to treat everyone around us as having some meaning and not as mere means. In the fiduciary model of Kantian respect test, professionals hold much of the knowledge and information about a certain topic. From there, clients go to the professionals for this knowledge and information when making decisions. Clients are making the decisions in the fiduciary model and in order to make an accurate and correct decision the client must gather the needed information from professionals. Professionals do not make the decisions in the fiduciary model but rather supply their clients with the information to ensure that the clients make the correct decisions. Clients depend on their professionals because of the knowledge and information that professionals have in their possessions. The more accurate information and ideas that the professionals provide to their clients the stronger the relationships become.
In the friendship model the relationship between the two sides (professionals and clients) becomes more personal. In the friendship model the professional and their client have a very close and strong relationship. In this relationship both sides have high respect and trust for each other and the relationship flows well. In the friendship model the only concerns happen from the professional about the decisions of the client. Lastly, the client has no concerns because of the high trust level of the professional. Professionals and clients are seen as one and the same because in life friends are seen that way. In the friendship model the trust is high and the relationship is strong but there is a cost associated with it.
In electrical engineering confidentiality is very important because of the relationships professionals have with their clients. In the Code of Ethics put out by the electrical engineering professional group, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), one of the major points made is:

Act in professional matters for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees,
avoiding conflicts of interest and never breaching confidentiality

This is...

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