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Kanye West: Successful, Paid, Dropout Essay

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Rapper, producer, fashion designer, and actor; what does Kanye West not do? Ever since 1999, West has been using the world as his personal show to exploit all his talents. A person like this must have gone to a great university and gotten a great degree. Truth is, he didn’t. Actually, he never even graduated and was automatically considered a dropout who would never make it anywhere. Through College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation, and his personal lifestyle, Kanye West demonstrates that in the 21st century, a self-made man can break the status quo.
Now a day, society says that the only way to be successful and make a lot of money is by graduating from the best college possible and having tremendous luck accompanied by the right connections. Kanye West has joined an elite group of people who have been able to make tons of money and be extremely successful in a very unconventional way that society tends to frown upon. While attending Chicago State University chasing down a master of the arts, West decided to no longer continue studying in 1998 and follow his true passion of creating music and singing (Carpenter). Through his music Kanye West is almost like a symbolic ray of hope to many listeners. He proves that it is very possible to overcome problems and end up being very successful in whatever they chose to do.
West is not the only one to follow this beaten path of not graduating. People like Thomas Edison, Charles Dickens and even Princess Diana never graduated and were still able to make a huge impact on the lives of many people (HowStuffWork). Closer to home and today’s time, some of the wealthiest Americans never graduated either. Take Bill Gates for example, founder of Microsoft, he has built his own empire. He is worth $76 billion and is ranked by Forbes as the richest man in the world. Another great example is the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has built his net worth to be around 19 billion (Forbes 400). Although Kanye’s net worth is not near these two men, he still has over $120 million to his name (Kanye West Net Worth). Taken into perspective, this is a slap to the face to all those who counted him out and expected him to get nowhere.
Annually, about 3 million Americans end up dropping out of high school (Statistic Brain RSS). West has made it clear that his music is not only to pump his wallet and bank account with an influx of cash, but to speak to young people about staying in school. He knows that many students may struggle just like he did in school and that a second person speaking to them may be of help. Today, Kanye is still getting his voice across. The Huffington Post recently released a new article showing readers all the positive and helpful things Kanye has said throughout his years in interviews and in his songs about family, relationships, work ethics, confidence, and drug consumption. He’s said things like "If you can focus the energy into something valuable, put that into work ethic... I...

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