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I began long before I was born. I was created from the love of my parents, John and Linda Szuminsky. My parents fell in love when they were only 17 & 18 years old. They struggled in those early days building their own towing and collision shop business. They worked many hours but always wanted to also have a family, they tried and waited many years for this miracle to happen for them. Finally in early 1999 they found out they were finally going to have a baby!

Since my parents owned a towing business my Mothers drove a tow truck to go everywhere. While my parents were waiting for the doctor to confirm that my mother was pregnant, my Dad was so sure that she was that he went out and bought my Mom a new car-so she didn’t have to bounce around in the tow truck while she was pregnant.

Now my Dad had a theory, that since he had all brothers and my Mom had all brothers he was certain that they definitely were going to have a baby boy. He was so sure that he even told my Mom we have a girl you can name her but if we have a boy I get to name him. My mother was much wiser so she agreed. Then came the day when they went to have an ultrasound. The technician looks up at my parents and asks if they would like to know the gender of the baby. My parents of course wanted to know. So the technician swirled her instrument around and looked up at the screen then at my parents and announced “you are having a girl!” My Dad stared in disbelief and asked “Are you sure?” The technician said yep I’m 97% sure! The technician left the room and in came the doctor. My Dad said you know what the technician just told me she said we were having a girl. The doctor said yes congratulations, then my Dad asked the doctor to take a look to get a second opinion as he told the doctor his theory on why he thought they were going to have a boy. The doctor laughed and said oh I don’t operate that machine if the technician said it was going to be a girl she’s usually right! Later that evening my Dad rescinded on his baby naming deal he made with my Mother.

Which now brings us to the infamous name game my parents played for the next several months. My Mom had already picked a name for a girl she had always wanted to name her little girl Rachel Elizabeth. My Dad wasn’t going for that name-he thought that the name sounded too old fashioned. So began the months of baby name book scouring looking for the perfect girls name that both my parents could agree on. Now remember my last name was obviously going to be Szuminsky and they already agreed on my middle name Elizabeth after my maternal Great Grandmother. So what first name would go with Elizabeth Szuminsky-I mean really look how long that is already without the first name! It became my parents evening ritual reciting names they thought of during the day. Until one evening my Dad said the name “Tara” but my Mom said no they will call her “terror” in school. Then my Mom’s brain started ticking, she thought...

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