Kate Avery Ellison´S The Frost Cronicles First Book Review

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• Pacing
• Mystery
• Tension
• Romance wasn't all consuming
• Character Development
• Atmosphere (I felt frosty and heard the snow crunch)
• Beautifully written
• Loved the internally strong, and externally brave heroine with her varied support characters,
• the dystopian or postapocalyptic air wasn't there though I'm thinking in the next books this won't be an issue
• Could see some events coming ahead of time
• Tight focus, without expansion into the bigger world…yet. Admittedly, done on purpose because Lia's naive and sheltered first person telling but it can be a drawback for some.
• Wish it were longer.
• Cliff hanger

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But now the rat had turned into a lion, and it was tearing me apart from the inside out." Also, I love the blue wing paragraph (pg. 75), that starts with "Why does it live in a place that could kill it?"

Often romance in books not in that genre dominates a narrative, harming other great elements. This happens regardless of age bracket, and it's dull. Seemingly, young adult gets this criticism more often. Instead of speculating why, I'll just get to the point and say that's not an issue in Frost. Nothing is sacrificed on love's altar and it doesn't erupt like a volcano destroying everything in its wake. Instead, there's a growing connection between two people thrown together. Lia is such a great character that would've acted the same regardless of slowly blooming love. I may have seen this coming, but at least it's handled well. Even if it was insta-love, I'd understand because she's isolated. As long as she didn't throw herself and act recklessly because that would be stupid and uncharacteristic. In any event, it was a sweet and chaste affair for a young woman coming into her own and navigating society's constraints, like courting.

I must admit my expectations were off though. Because of the shelves on Goodreads, I was expecting a dystopia or post-apocalyptic setting. I was...

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