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Katharine And The Modern Times Essay

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The modern time period was a literary movement, which started around the 1890-1930("Modernism." Gale Student Resources in Context). One major event from this time period was the Great war which was from 1914-1918 it is known today as the World War 1. This time period was a progress in growth that didn’t care for nature or being (“ Modernism”). It focused on subconscious motivations and rebellions against society. This modernist movement was a new point of view that changed elements of literature. Some things that helped this movement were historical factors. Some of the factors were scientific theories, artist movement and technological inventions like airplanes, phones and things to communicate with like radios ("Modernism." Gale Student Resources in Context). In the very beginning this was a reaction to the Victorian culture but then an archduke was murdered and it caused the world war. In the 12th century they moved forward and people wanted to be heard. So the poets took advantage and did things that people never imaged could happen. One of the modernist short story writer was Katherine Mansfield .She is from New Zealand and was born in 1888(Jane, Kathleen). In 1920 she became a significant writer and lived in Switzerland for a while because she became sick (Gordon, Ian A.). when she was 19 she moved to England where she fell in love with a guy but it didn’t work out because she left him to go to Germany and give birth to her baby. After a couple years she got a chance to find John Middleton Murry, which she trusted very much and ended up falling in love (Jane, Kathleen). In 1915 when Katherine’s brother died in a training accident towards the end of the year she began to start writing more stories. She had to be away from John for a while until she died in 1923. When this happened John published more into her journal, he also collected parts of her notebook and published it also. The quality of the writing became a success and was one of the important writings of the period. This journal was handled with care for those readers that wanted to read it (Gordon, Ian A.). Katharine Mansfield wrote “The Garden Party” and it relates to the Modern Time period by how it relates to the Victorian period,...

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