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Kathleen Sebelius Path To A Political Career

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Growing up witnessing the ups and downs of a politician’s life, Kathleen Sebelius still chose to enter a political career. Sebelius even embraced it as a child, helping her father while he was campaigning for governor. Once on her own, Sebelius worked on her own political career, starting out at the bottom and slowly working her way up. As she worked her way up the political ladder, she managed to make a name for herself while making changes to help in her state. Kathleen Sebelius grew up in a political family and has led a very successful career that has made her a role model for all women.
Kathleen Sebelius was born May 15, 1948, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She grew up in a religious and ...view middle of the document...

Sebelius continued to climb her way up the ladder with her next move being running for the Kansas House of Representatives (A & E Networks). Pearson states that democratic Sebelius won against her republican opponent Peggy Boggs. Sebelius went on to serve eight years, during which she became known for her work on education and the health of children. Kathleen Sebelius was a big supporter and a sponsor of the Governor’s Office of Children and Families. For a brief time she was the chairperson for the State Affairs Committee. For a brief period, Sebelius was a Kansas Insurance Commissioner. Then she set sights on being the Governor of Kansas; she ran with a variation of the same ideas that made her known in the House of Representatives. Education and health programs were her main points of interest. In 2002, democratic Sebelius was elected Kansas’ 44th Governor, a predominately republican state. She was then reelected in 2006 but resigned in 2009 when President Obama selected her to be the secretary of Health and Human Resources (Pearson).
Now secretary of Health and Human Resources Sebelius’ career continues to be successful, but not without some hardships. As secretary of Health and Human Resources, Sebelius would be continuing what seems to be her main goal as a career politician. She would be able to increase her efforts to help fix education and health care. According to Biography: HHS Secretary, she has been focusing her efforts on making heath care more available to those who wouldn’t normally be able to get any or afford it. Examples of individuals who might not have health care easily accessible would be the mentally ill, children, the elderly, and those who have disabilities. Sebelius has been working to get more doctors and nurses in our communities, along with keeping the cost of health care down and keeping people healthier longer. She is also trying to make treatments and medicines to the market that could potentially save lives. Her job as secretary has had its hardships. The globally known Affordable Care Act was implemented by President Obama (Biography: HHS Secretary). The act has been so...

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