Drug Use Within Traveller Communities And The Negative Effects On Their Lives

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The main focus in this article is to explore the patterns and framework of drug use within the traveller communities and how the use of drugs negatively effects the lives, the heritage and futures of Travellers. They also wanted to achieve an inside view of the Traveller community and learn about their every day lifestyles. Over the years the use of drugs has incresed significantly in Travellers culture and is becoming more of a problem in the way they are precieved . Travellers lifestyles have alot of characterised labels such as poverty,marginalisation,ethnic discrimmination, compromised health, unemployment and lack of education.

The traveller community maintain their ethnic identity by a way of reinforcement to distance themselves from the settled community. The majority of travellers expressed there feelings of being socially excluded and on how they would have to diguise their identities to avoid discrimmination.Traveller housing is the central focus of societal discrimmination, which it was often lacking basic utilities which contributed to poor health and compromised education and employment. Some travellers felt discrimminated against and humiliated at school, leading to high drop out levels. This contributed to poor literacy, difficulties in completing forms and poor employment prospects. They found that drug dealing contributes to the accumulation of social capital as resources, roles and networks within social connectivity. An increase in perceived social capital connected to numerous other activities within groups and communities such as an increase in criminal activity and social anxiety. The travellers see drug dealing as an entrepreneurial activity for Traveller communities so they can represent greater perceived social capital for those who partake in the buying, selling and using of drugs, which also adds disorganisation and instability within the community. Drug use is known by all to be a low life activity and to the public, Travellers know that this makes it even harder for them to be accepted into the community.
The traveller lifestyle is also characterised by early marriages within traveller families and high levels of social control of women prior to marriage as for Traveller boys assume adult like roles at an early age and experience much less parental control.

Traditional Traveller cultures disagree with drug use within their communities. The majority of...

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