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Due to the current economic situation, I felt like my dream of having a college degree, steady income, perfect life-partner, and house broken dog would be all but impossible to reach within the next few years. Thankfully, all paths of destiny got a jumpstart when "Project eXcellence" hired me as a strategic analyst. My first assignment was to "take the bull by the horns" and implement our company's mission in the tiny island of Kava. Kava is a tiny island nation in the South Pacific, and a possible target of investment for my newfound employer. During my tenor with the Kava Project, I will be working under the supervision of Alex, the Director of Strategic Planning.

Immediately upon my arrival to Kava, Alex briefed me on the country's situation and handed me my first assignment, to formulate a report in which I identify possible problems that will hinder our organizational presence in Kava. I will analyze, synthesize, and provide a "preliminary consideration" to headquarters, in regards to possible solutions for Kava through the use of organizational processes, human resource policies, and our organization's ethics.

One major issue that the organization will face trying to build a stronger presence in Kava is going to be Kavanians (the residents of Kava). The majority of the population is under the age of 15. Though beneficial in the long run, at present, the amount of capable working individuals will be limited. Therefore, should Project eXcellence wish to have quality workers in the future, investments in the continuing educational infrastructure will be a must. However, should the organization wish to immediately tap into labor force using the current demographic, the Human Resources department will have to move in and put Child Labor Laws into action, limiting the children's work hours, providing rules and regulations, safety, and training opportunities for those who wish to join our organization.

Another hurdle in Kava is the language and religion barrier. Kava does not have an official language or religion. The predominant languages include English, French, and Spanish. The religious aspect is divided into four belief systems which include Indigenous, Christian, Buddhist and Islamic. For most organizations, this can be a "deal breaker" for investing in a foreign location. But, through the use of our organization's team building process, the Kavanians can be taught to place language and religious barriers aside and to...

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