Kava Project 2 Scenario Based Decision Making

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Running Head: KAVA PROJECTKava ProjectCarol CheaUniversity of PhoenixMGT/350Janisse L. GreenApril 29, 2008Decisions in Paradise 2As stated earlier, SeyChe seeks to establish a greater presence on the island of Kava. Numerous challenges exist which must be overcome. A methodical approach must be used to achieve success in this endeavor. Before proceeding, all stakeholders must be identified. Stakeholders are defined as any individual or group of individuals who may be impacted by the actions of the company. These include internal and external, employees, customers, business associates and the surrounding community. Having identified who the stakeholders are, the next step is to analyze subsequent concerns which might be raised. It should be borne in mind that with any kind of change there will be some resistance. Even though the change might be a positive and necessary one, opposition still remains, so stakeholder buy-in will be an integral part of the process.Critical thinking becomes extremely relevant. The decision making model to be employed will encompass analytical as well as creative thinking techniques. The problem must be analyzed from all aspects. Differing scenarios have to be entertained. The pros and cons must be carefully weighed. The question, 'what if' should constantly arise. The decision making process is much more arduous under these circumstances. Under stress, one's ability to ascertain optional resolve to a problem reduces one's capacity to search for pertinent information to facilitate the decision making process (Goodpaster and Kirby, 2007, pg. 45-46). The decision maker in this case while employing the eight steps of critical thinking should understand that stakeholders will be assessing the company from emotional and negative viewpoints as well. Contingency plans should be carefully laid out.As mentioned earlier, the CEO wants to render some value added to Kava. Chris is a strong proponent that companies have a moral obligation to enhance the communities in which they do business. The stratagem here is to balance with the economic with the socio-humanistic aspect of the project. Rendering benefit to Kava is a priority, yet the company must remain competitive and profitable. Gaining the trust of the natural inhabitants and buy in of the local government is key to the ultimate success of the project.First, communication must be addressed. Local and national communication, revamping of the...

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1772 words - 7 pages . The objective of this company is to assist potential investors in building new profit making ventures in their own lands. The company has a knack for seeking out land that others may see as unattractive and turning it into property worth billions. The first assignment was to travel to the island of Kava in the South Pacific to work on a new project. Nik imagines the island of Kava to be an island paradise with white beaches, palm trees and

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1756 words - 7 pages life threatening.Framing the problem and Making the decisionThe first problem is the underage population. With over 50% over the population not being of legal age to purchase and own real estate, this will cut our profits in half. In Kava, the legal age to purchase real estate is 18.Decision: We need to contact the country of Kava's census bureau and find out how many people live there under the age of 18. Next, we need to come up with a

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1094 words - 4 pages Decisions in Paradise, Part IISTUDENT NAMEUNIVERSITYCOURSE CODE AND NAME OF COURSEINSTRUCTOR/PROFESSORDATEDecisions in Paradise Part IINik arrived in Kava with a good understanding of the theories of critical thinking and decision-making techniques, his first assignment revealed his lack of experience with real world organizational application of critical thinking and decision-making techniques in identifying problems facing management and

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931 words - 4 pages factors affecting decision implementation involved importance weighing, brainstorming and starbursting to determine the significance of each issue and decide where to start. Based on Nick previous research and decisions the impacts of natural disasters appear to be the highest concern followed by inferior health and education levels. In order to bring immediate relief to Kava Island and its inhabitants AT&T chose the following plan for

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743 words - 3 pages groups or government can help to elevate some of these threats floods place sand bags when needed. Fires set guidelines for those burning or having fires. HIV/AIDS inform people about the virus and threat it causes and test people at high risks. Military could help prevent terrorism from happening by have tighter borders.We have our work cut out for use I just want to make this work and improve the Kava area and office to make an environment that everyone will want to be at.Resources:MGT350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making; Business Scenario: Decisions in Paradise: How to be, or not to be.

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1075 words - 4 pages economic balance could be upset at any given moment.7. Personal issues: Nik is young and lacks in experience. Hard work, determination and the knowledge are his only tools. Being far from home, away from love ones and his companion dog. Nik will have to be mindful of keeping personal issues from influencing his decision-making process.Recommendations The founders of AT&T are committed to conduct business in Kava while acknowledging the

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1647 words - 7 pages avian flu. The idea behind Stewart Title coming to Kava is to establish a strong business community to benefit both Stewart Title and the country of Kava. In achieving this goal, I quickly realized I needed a game plan.RecommendationBy using the University of Phoenix model of decision making steps, I was able to determine quickly what problems face Stewart Title and can make decisions based on identifying the problems with bring business to

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925 words - 4 pages final phase of this project, I will explain in detail the steps we are going to take to implement our plan to expand our organization to Kava.ReferencesBusiness Scenario (2009). Decisions in Paradise: How to Be, or Not to Be. (pp. 1-4) Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

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1327 words - 5 pages decision-making process.RecommendationsThe founders of Direct2cell are committed to conduct business in Kava while acknowledging the challenges set forth. A complete analysis of both the internal and external factors that will ultimately affect the decision-making efforts of Alex and Nik will allow for better decision-making efforts.Through brainstorming efforts and collective decision-making Alex and Nik were able to compile a series of

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1631 words - 7 pages the decision making process. It would then define the problems present on Kava. This is more than stating there are problems such as natural disasters or terrorism or HIV/AIDS. These are not the root causes of Kava's issues, though they may drive or contribute to the issues. An example of an issue would be high employment rate, the cause may be the unpredictable and potentially devastating weather has not permitted the development of an island

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1027 words - 4 pages agency contacts, FEMA, the Red Cross, Kava's citizen and its local government, assisting in cleaning up, educating and providing clinical aid to Kava through rebuilding.ReferenceReference University of Phoenix, (2007). Decisions in paradise business scenario. Retrieved October 20, 2007, from University of Phoenix, Week Four, rEsource. MGT350-Critical Thinking: Strategies in decision making. https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/

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1076 words - 4 pages , www.reconstructionwatch.org/images/One_Year_After.pdf.University of Phoenix. (2007). Business Scenario [Computer Software]. Retrieved on June 2, 2007, from University of Phoenix, rEsource, MGT 350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making Web site.