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Organization and Planning of ResearchManagementRussian GroupShayedenov ZhandosHome 8, 05/11/2014Economical giants: China and IndiaThe contemporary world with constant economic difficulties has stimulated a lot of countries to develop economically and politically. Of course, this kind of development is not "available" to any country because it has certain requirements to the developing country. Not so many countries can claim themselves to be "economic giants". The United States of America occupies the position of the first "economic giant" in the economy-chart of the planet. The leadership of the USA is unchallengeable; nevertheless two other countries are expected to become USA's main economic partners to share this primacy. They are China and India. The analysts make the boldest predictions over the growing potential of these two countries. All the predictions are reduced to viewing the XXI century as the century of Asian economic and political expansion. The increasing influence of China and India and their future as "economic" giants makes it necessary to evaluate the strength of the influence over the world they can possibly gain. It is also necessary to evaluate the possible impact of India and China on the strategic development of planet in general. Both of the giants at the present moment work together in order to grow economically and therefore exchange different experiences useful for both of the sides. Being partners makes them even stronger as their alliance makes them develop faster in comparison to their solitary development. To situation requires a deep analysis of the economic activity of each these countries, because China and India are not just about huge populations, but also about bright history and future.2. China's economyWhat capacity does China have in order to gain the position of an "economic giant" and to become almost equal to the USA. "As a first step toward understanding China, one can hardly do better than to spend some time with a good atlas. It is vital to understand China's diversity. And a key element in that diversity is its geography…1"[Starr, 3]. China's power is growing every day but still this is not the main factor indicating its potential as an economic giant. The reason that makes the USA pay a lot of attention toward the economical and political development of China is very important: "China's rise has more in common with the rise of the United States a century earlier"[Shenkar, 1]. This similarity of the economic processes makes a solid base for all the "giant" predictions that China gets. For 26 years of reforms the annual increase of the Chinese economy made 9,4% at the average. This numeral exceeds the economic increase of the developed countries in 4 times, the rate of growth of world economy in 3 times and the economic growth of the developing countries in 2 times. Almost every country in the world gets the products, which claim: "Made in China". China shows its "increased dominance in many...

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807 words - 4 pages political and social stability in our multinational country is one of the achievements to be proud of. My parents were having a leisurely talk on the road recollecting some past family events and things connected with them. Soon we were talking about national traits. What does it mean to be a Kazakh? What distinguishing traits do Kazakh people have? From our earliest days we have been known as a nation of hospitable and friendly people. Hospitality and

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2136 words - 9 pages Kazakhstan: The Ethnic Controversy The Kazakhstan nation provides an interesting social setting compared to the United States. This is because Kazakhstan offers a social role-reversed setting, where the majority is discriminated against. Currently, in the United States, White-American dominance is threatened, specifically by the growth of the Hispanic population. In Kazakhstan, the ethnic Kazakh majority has been suppressed due to the

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1360 words - 6 pages The Kenesary Kasymov’s rebellion was critically scrutinized by Yuriy Malikov, who describes the nature of this rebellion. One of the great events occurred in Kazakh lands in 19th century is the rebellion, which was driven by Kenesary Kasymov and his people against Russian colonization. The period of ten-year struggle, between 1837 and 1847, coincides with many possible factors that is argued by Western and Kazakhstani historians. Some contend

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1961 words - 8 pages confiscation of grazing land by Resettlement Administration are amongst the long-term causes of a revolt. While trying to acquit the policy of colonization in the view of “benevolent influence” of sedentary Russian colonials over nomadic Kazakh-Kyrgyz lifestyle (Paul Nazaroff 1934), Tsarist colonial regime failed to recognize the discrepancy on interests of the nomads. Western scholars use to emphasise the political and social issues of the revolt

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1347 words - 6 pages does as mentioned fund the state which diminishes the impact of certain paths towards democratization. In line with Levitsky and Way’s framework, the Western leverage towards Kazakhstan does due to the rentier economy decrease. The Kazakh state does not rely economically upon western aid or funding so the West does not have an economic avenue to restrict funding to pressure Kazakhstan to democratize (Jones Luong and Weinthal, 2010). The alliances

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4869 words - 19 pages the territory ruled by his son Chagadai, but the western and most of the northern parts were included in the far-reaching empire of the Golden Horde established by Batu Khan, Genghis' grandson. By the end of the 15th century, the Kazakhs emerged as a distinctive group, created by the intermingling of Mongol and Turkic peoples. In the early 16th century the Kazakh tribes united to form a great nomadic empire under the warlord Kasim Khan. However

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1221 words - 5 pages social network VKontakte rather negatively affects Russian high school students. To me, this work was very interesting because I also spend a lot of time in vkontakte even more than usual. I knew that VKontakte is the first and most popular network in the territory of Russia. It was interesting to compare the effect on vkontakte Kazakh and Russian students and I conducted a survey among Kazakh students. The result showed that the majority of

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888 words - 4 pages occurs there is earthquakes in the south and mudslides in Almaty. The Kazakhs were a nomadic tribe of people who belonged to several groups of Kazakh hordes. They lived together in settlements and lived in dome-shaped tents made of felt called yurts. They migrated seasonally to find pastures for their herds of sheep, horses, and goats. The Kazakhs rarely united as a single nation under one great leader. Their ethnic groups fell under Mongol

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3944 words - 16 pages subsequently confirmed the existence of large reserves, possibly on an enormous scale. In November 1997, a consortium of international oil companies (IOCs) and the Kazakh state signed the North Caspian Sea Production Sharing Agreement (NCPSA), a 40-year agreement designed to govern the project and develop the field through an operating company-the operating company was subsequently named Agip Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating Company N.V. (Agip KCO

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2315 words - 10 pages . and Great Britain with employers from Kazakhstan about DE. Literature Review The concept of DE is usually associated with development of technologies. Improvement of technologies, improving DE to match face-to-face education questions whether it is different from real classes (Fuegen, 2012, pp.233-238). The problem is that Kazakhstan employers do not know much about learning style and quality of education. In addition, according to Kazakh

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2673 words - 11 pages , with precious primitive artefacts, which allows that society to look at their ancestors, and the outside world to see the culture that it came to be. “When societies come together they converse with each other in ways according to cultural traditions.” (Abazov, 1). Succeeding to Kazakhstan’s culture characteristics and cultural identity; this includes the Kazakh people, and the nomadic society that still lives there this day. First, the

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1241 words - 5 pages the fine arts of Kazakhstan, the art of ornamentation has been dominant since the formation of the Khanate in XV century until the end of XVIII - early XIX centuries. There were four types of Kazakh ornaments: cosmogonic, zoomorphic, herbal and geometric. Cosmogonic motifs came from the ancient culture of tribes and people. One of the ornaments is called “dongelek” (see fig. 1), a circle, “ornamental incarnation of the sun, because in the view