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Kcb106 The Effects Of Glocalisation On An Australia Media Producer

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8851573 - Darcy Maguire KCB106 Assignment 1 Friday 4:00pm Tutorial Group
Peter Maguire - International Television Commercial Director (And Also My Father)Introduction - Television AdvertisementsTelevision is one of the most dominating forms of communication in the world. In any first-world country, it would be surprising to hear of someone who doesn't have a TV or have access to a TV. In Australia, people watch up to 6 hours of TV daily (Screen Australia, 2013). With this sort of attention, it's only natural that businesses would utilise it to advertise their products, and as this and other technologies evolves it makes it far easier to access other markets that would have been unavailable in the past. Advertising, as a medium, is so short-lived and evolving so rapidly that it is not the subject of deep academic review so therefore does not have much written down in a form the author can cite, however, this essay has been written with the input of actual professionals in the field - including the one reviewed in detail.Who Is He?Peter Maguire is a television commercial director that has been making ads for twenty seven years. From simple, short, local advertisements to longer and more powerful commercials that would be seen across an entire country, he's been involved in the industry for long enough and has enough experience to observe and feel the effects globalisation has had on the television advertisement industry on both a personal level and a professional level. Spanning from those who he physically collaborated with to create the commercial to those who hired him for the job; while in the past it was usually those from a local production company, today it can be a whole multi-national team who all bring their own touch to the final product. So many more opportunities have arisen that wouldn't be possible without the way media has converged and travel becoming more viable and accessible and now recently he has become better represented overseas than in his own country.Timeline of Career, Employment, and GlobalisationDuring the 1980s, when he began his career, commercials were largely local. Rather than advertising country-wide products, they tended to focus on what those who lived in the area would likely be interested in and able to access. Though of course there were nation-wide ads and global ads, local ads were the most common and "parochialism was… evident to the point where if a commercial [that was] to be screened in Victoria was produced in Sydney, eyebrows were raised." (Maguire, P. Personal correspondence, August 28th 2013). At this point in time, there were even legislations in place to ensure that eighty to ninety percent of commercials needed to either be shot in Australia or with Australian actors, and those that were made overseas needed to be recreated shot-for-shot with a local setting - that is, glocalisation as opposed to full globalisation (even if the primary language was English, such as a commercial from the...

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