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Keep it SimpleBy: Terry BradshawWhen I select books to read in my free time, I look for something that I am very interested in and something that catches my curiorsity. When I saw this book and who it was written by, I decided to give it a shot. Terry Bradshaw is an ex-pro football player who won four Super Bowls and is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame. Keep it Simple is Bradshaw's second book, its main purpose is to give advise for different situations encountered in everyday life.Bradshaw's teachings are based on his fortunes as well as his misfortunes in life. He describes situations well and gives great advise on how to avoid certain situations. He gives more in depth descriptions of his failures and tells why he failed and also tells what he could have done to make the situation better. When he talks about his three ex-wives, he tells the readers how difficult it is to be involved in a divorce. He explains that you need to find the right person, get to know her well, talk about your dreams and goals for yourself and as a couple. He never did find the perfect wife. Bradshaw tells us how much each divorce affected him and hurt him. The hurt grew worse with each divorce. Each time he divorced, he went into a deep depression but eventually his depression ceased because he worked hard in counseling to put the hurt behind him. He says that when there are major problems in your life, mourn for an appropriate amount of time and then move on and try to forget about it. Do not dwell on t he negative but rather focus on the positive events in your life and then you will be able to move on and get past the hurt.Terry Bradshaw has a very distinct style of writing. He often cites events in his life and makes jokes in his writings that make the reader understand and learn from his mistakes. He is a firm believer that a great sense of humor can heal and overcome many obstacles in life. He was faced with a lot of adversity when he was a child because he was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and not many people knew about the disorder at that time in the 1960's.. His teachers were not trained for helping children with ADD so they were not sure what to do with him. In order to get his mind off of his disorder, he knew he was good at one thing. He knew he could throw the football harder and farther than anyone he knew. He had a natural talent and a strong arm and he knew he had to take advantage of that talent for all its worth. He worked extremely hard and became a great quarterback, both in high school and in college at Louisiana State. He was not always the starter because there was an older, more experienced quarterback in place on the team , however, when he had his chance to play, he made the most of every moment. He received a lot of press in college and began to make a good name for himself. He was...

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