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The United States currently has 250 years of oil already drilled. Oil is a necessity to the world today. It is one of the most important natural resources on the planet. The benefits of oil drilling by far outweigh the negative benefits. Oil is used in many of the products that we use today. We must continue drilling for oil as it is a major natural resource that the United States can benefit from for many more years.

Oil makes up of 85% of the United States natural energy production. Wind and solar power for example, only makes up of 1% of today’s energy. So if the US gets rid of oil drilling how will gain back the 85% of energy that is lost? The country’s economy will collapse and we will have no running cars and no electricity.

Oil is used in all forms of transportation, such as cars, planes, trains, boats, motorcycles and more. It is a necessity for today's automobiles. Oil is used as a lubricant, provides heating, cooling electricity. Oil is the main component in plastic (Careers In Oil and Gas 1). There is a large amount of plastic that is used in cars today. The automobiles of today are completely dependent on oil. Some people might argue that we can use other kinds of transportation that don’t require oil. Trolleys and monorails use magnetic power, but have many limitations. The cost of building the necessary tracks for these would cost too much money. Oil driven modes of transportation is what runs our country and could not be replaced. It is apparent that oil drilling should continue because of its demand in the transportation industry.

There are people who would make the argument that oil drilling is too harmful for the environment. When you consider that each year 99.088% of the oil that is drilled is put to many good uses, it is a natural resource we depend on. The positive impact of oil drilling by far out ways the negative impact. A small percent of oil is ever exposed to the environment through oil spills. In fact, only 0.012% of oil that is drilled each year is spilled either into the earth’s soil or the oceans...

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