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The date was Friday, August 16, 2012. after a tearful farewell with my girlfriend of seven months, I drove to the DMV to trade in my restricted license for a full adult version; a small change, but one that preceded a chain of events that would shape my life to come. The next day, I was to embark on a journey to Union University, leaving behind what I knew from high school to embrace my college career. Heraclitus once said, “the only thing that is constant is change.” Aristotle believed that this change is positive; as something’s potential (dunamis) is becoming its actuality (energeia). All people have to grow and change to become who they are meant to be. Even Jesus had to grow and learn ...view middle of the document...

The first was Dr. Thornbury’s presentation on the first night of Focus. I had never before heard a Christian message that integrated the truths of the faith and popular culture in such a professional way. Nerd as I am, I was instantly captivated. Later that year, God spoke to me again, this time through a television program. I had been contemplating my disdain for chemistry and my interest in my New Testament Survey course, when a man appeared on my television screen. While his name eludes me, his title is what captured my attention; he was a bioethicist. Ethics and the natural world are two of my great passions, so the next day I met with my advisor to request a switch. During my first meeting with my new advisor, Dr. Mitchell, we immediately launched into a conversation about the dangers of a postmodern mindset. If I was unsure of anything at that point, any worries were put to rest. The third and final revelation, which led to my minor, came from the request of Will Spicer. Spicer strongly encouraged me to take a class with Dr. Watson in the spring of 2012, and I complied with some reservations. However, the conversations, atmosphere, and intellectual stimulation of American Political Thought persuaded me to minor in the department of political science. With God’s urging, I was transformed from a resentful and disinterested chemistry student into a thriving and excited neophyte of theology. A change took place in my thinking as well; before, I had been a concrete thinker, fully convinced that the world can only operate on strict tracks, like the inner workings of a machine. Now, I see the world as a complex system of ideas, with various navigational options and opportunities for improvement. Still, as amazing as these changes are, they are common among college students. More amazing is the way my relationships changed, completely contradicting my expectations.
Humans are beings of community. Since God created woman so that man would not be alone, we have a need for interaction with one another. Augustine addressed this in his Confessions when he said, “The friendship which draws human beings together in a tender bond is sweet to us because out of many minds it forges a unity.” True friendship is more than simply finding people that you like and going out to do various activities together. Rather, true friendship is a deep bond with another person, one that allows you both to grow. In my high school career, I had many good friends, but very few who I connected with on this level. It is much easier to settle into the shallow ruts of casual camaraderie than to fall headlong into true Christian friendship. When I came to Union, I was sure of two things: I would find a group to fit into soon, and that group would not be a fraternity. I was opposed to the idea of a fraternity in the beginning, partially because I saw it as a way to “pay for my friends”, and also because I did not want the negative connotation that comes with a Greek...

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