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Keeping America Safe Essay

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Mexico was once a destination where people dreamed of going to. Warm weather, sunny beaches and many different cultural experiences were everywhere. For either spring break or a nice place to retire to Mexico brought thousands of tourists every year, but many things have changed over the past few years. What was once a warm beautiful place has now turned into a war zone. Drugs, gangs, and mass murders have become an everyday problem. So now when people think of the country Mexico they no longer think of a great place to visit at least once in their life time, but now it is a scary place where your life can be taken for something as simple as wearing the wrong color at the wrong time. These problems are spilling into the United States and causing more and more place along the border to be unsafe. However, we can fix this problem. Stricter border control would reduce the number of crimes in the United States related to the Mexican drug cartels.
High crimes rates in the United States are a consequence of letting illegal drugs pass through areas on the Mexican border that are left unprotected. “In 2007 alone, border patrol agents apprehended 876,704 people attempting to enter the United State with 1,859,277 pounds of marijuana and 14,242 pounds of cocaine.”(“A Border Fence”1). These drugs are making their way into this country because of Americas more developed economy and Americans are more willing to spend money on drugs. “The united states is the world’s largest market for illegal drugs with 13 million Americans spending about $16 billion each year.”(Drug Trafficking”1). Drugs are also a big part of the recent rise in crimes; however, they are not the only problem. Crimes dealing with gang violence skyrocketed along the Mexican border because of the Mexican drug cartels. Members of these drug cartels are fighting over money and land. The gang leaders that are running the drug cartels are not only making the streets of our neighborhood unsafe but they are also crowding our prisons. “Authorities have arrested key leaders of all five of Mexico’s leading drug gangs in the last two years; none of these arrests have had much of an effect on the flow of drugs from Mexico to the United States.”(Weiner1). When the leader gets arrested other members of the gang try to seek revenge on law enforcement or on the people who got their leader caught, which causes those gang members to often be put in prison as well. Powerful gang members will get revenge on law enforcement by either going on killing sprees or even killing the officers themselves. “In the first few months of 2002, 13 law enforcement officers have been murdered in Mexico.”(Hutchinson 3). Lastly, a major problem causing crime rates to rise is murders. “Drug related murders have doubled to 6,200 as cartels fight for the American addict’s dollar.”(“Death and American 1”). If murders are...

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