Keeping An Open Mind Allows For Growth

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It is human nature to avoid changes and cherish the traditional ways which we are so accustomed to. Change has never been wholeheartedly welcomed and embraced in the world without some resistance. When Galileo Galilee proclaimed that the universe does not revolve around the earth, in fact, the earth orbits about the sun, the church was violent in its effort to thwart the new idea. In the end, the church failed to keep such a sacrilegious theory in abeyance. Galileo's discoveries inspired many scientists who made huge contributions in constructing our modern world. Though changes are not always for the best, has it not been the most absurd and outlandish changes that have won the most acclaim and praise in later generations? Once considered detestable, abstract art is now extolled as one of the most sophisticated aesthetic expressions. Keeping an open mind to change allows for growth in all aspects.Being open-minded allows for growth of friendly relations around the globe. It is the cumulative effort of each individual that will instigate others to adapt to innovation and new philosophies and ultimately bring about sweeping changes in the nation, and the world at large. Perhaps the best example of these wonderful changes involves the rise of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is only possible if people are open-minded and tolerant of other cultures. Because of the growing popularity of multiculturalism a person with any color of skin regardless of his or her background is equally welcomed in most countries. Such change was unheard of not long ago in the dark era of slavery. As Caucasians marry those with Asian backgrounds and many different cultures cross-marry, more and more people accepting other religions and ethics. Those who decide to...

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