Keeping Children Learning Essay

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1. How does scribbling become writing for young children? Discuss the natural process a child goes through in teaching himself to write.
Scribbling helps develop writing skills. “The Scribble Hypothesis predicts that young children who are encouraged to scribble and draw, and to talk and to write, to compute and to compose about their scribbles and drawings will read more easily and will continue to read for pleasure and for information, will write more easily and will
continue to write for pleasure as well as to disseminate information, will show an “innate” affinity for geometry, and, in general, will think more connectedly and unpredictably, or creatively”(Sheridan, 2001). Children begin scribbling without control. Therefore scribbling with be everywhere on the paper. For example, Billy just learned how to scribble. Billy scribbling is uncontrolled because he is not experienced at scribbling.
Children should be encouraged to scribble. Scribbling helps children learn how to control their scribbling. After a child has mastered scribbling it will then become writing. Children learn to scribble when they use different writing utensil in writing center. Children can use different things to learn how to scribble. Children can use paint to help with scribbling. Then, there is controlled scribbling. “Once children have developed hand control of a drawing implement, they begin to make all kinds of scribbles”(Beaty & Pratt, 2011). Scribbling is important for children because they gain writing skills.
The natural process for writing is writing learned without being force upon on children. Natural writing is done when a child want to write or scribble on their own. The natural writing process takes place when children scribbles in a line across a sheet of paper. Children “may fill page after page with lines of scribbling or writing over and over” (Beaty & Pratt, 2011). As children continue to scribble they start learning how to write better. After, practice children can “print letters of name, some out of order or reversed”( Beaty & Pratt, 2011).

2. How would you set up and arrange a writing center in your classroom? What materials and equipment would you provide and why? How would you expect children to use the center?
Writing centers are important for the development of writing skills. A writing center included different things for children to explore. My writing center will include different kinds of arts and craft. The area will have enough space so that the children can be comfortable while writing and drawing. My writing center will include pencils, erasers, glue, white-out, tape, scissors, staples, markers, highlighters, sticky notes, etc. The children will be able to paint in their own area. My writing center will also have chalk...

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