Keeping Employees Happy And Safe Essay

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What is workplace violence and where does it come from? When you hear the words many peoples’ first thoughts are of coworker’s fist fighting and screaming at one another. These are good examples but there are other forms of workplace violence. Bullying, harassment and intimidation are also types of workplace violence. The violence doesn’t always come from coworker to coworker interactions. Customers can create workplace violence. Robbery is a perfect example of an outsider creating workplace violence. Outside delivery personnel or vendors can also create workplace violence. People that have a relationship with an employee can also create violence at a workplace. For example, a husband or wife can create violence at the spouse’s workplace. (Wikipedia, According to the CDC 1.7 million people are victims of violent crimes while working in the US annually (CDC, Occupational Violence, That is a staggering amount of people being injured.

So how do businesses prevent workplace violence? According to the USDA website the most important portion is a workplace prevention plan. (USDA, The USDA Handbook on Workplace Violence, Prevention and Response, Prevention of workplace violence begins even before an individual is hired. Proper pre-screening of employment candidates is essential. Many companies have implemented a series of questions designed to show areas of concern for employers. According to Hire the Best People these questions can help an employer spot attitude problems, determine how an applicant handles feedback, help an applicant talk about personality and personal conflicts and get an applicant to tell the truth. (Penny, S., Make the Right Hire for Employee Retention, Being able to weed out potentially poor employee choices is an essential part of preventing workplace violence. Maintaining a safe workplace is another key to preventing workplace violence. If workers feel safe they tend to be more relaxed. The knowledge that if an employee does act out there are people available to take care of the situation may help prevent such acts. Keeping employees happy is another way to help prevent workplace violence. Employees that are happy are less likely to be involved in workplace violence. According to UPI employees that are happy perform better and are less likely to quit their job. (UPI, Happy Employees = More Profit,

As mentioned above, keeping employees happy can prevent workplace violence; in addition, it also helps offices maintain high retention rates. Retaining employees in the workplace is something all managers strive for. Staff turnover costs the company time and lost productivity and may lessen the...

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