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Keeping Fit?Strength is the muscle's ability to exert force. Although we equate large muscles with strength, that is not necessarily so. Strength is not directly proportional to the size of a muscle. First, you need to decide which muscles you want to strengthen, then find the best way to exercise those muscles so they will respond with increased strength. Then keep increasing the weight load to challenge the muscles. For instance, add 1 pound now and another pound in a month, and so on. The more you load the muscles, the stronger they will become. Muscles respond quickly, providing you give them adequate rest and sound nutrition. Like drinking eight to ten glasses (eight ounce) of water each day. This will ensure your replacing fluids lost during exercise. You need not wait until you're thirsty. By then, you are in a depleted state. Drink these glasses throughout the day, not all at once. Eliminate junk food. Most fast food restaurants along with most pastries and processed foods contain high amounts of fat, sodium and sugars. The consumption of these foods will do little for your energy, except promote a high, than a low in your blood sugar levels. In addition they offer high levels of fat, usually the saturated type. And they quite often contain large amounts of water retaining sodium. None of these qualities are beneficial to any type of athlete.Endurance is the ability to exert force over a period of time. It is a combination of: the capacity of muscles to perform repeated contractions ,the ability of the lungs to supply the muscles with adequate quantities of oxygen and remove adequate quantities of...

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