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Keeping Peace and Freedom George Bush who is the President of the United States of America came and visited our small town of Flagstaff in September of 2002. As a leader of our country, he reminds the Americans that we should be grateful for our freedom. Through contextualizing, structure, and rhetorical appeals, he gets through to his listeners by reminding us all, that keeping peace and freedom is not an easy job to do. He tells us how lucky we are to have freedom, and what we have to do to keep our "homeland" safe for our children of today. He speaks on behalf of his people, and what he will do to keep his people safe from our enemies who "hate" us, because we choose to be free! As President, he is sworn to protect his people, and to keep everything in order in our country. He travels the world to try and promote peace among us and other countries. In this speech that was given by the President, he is speaking to everyone. The General Public, Professionals, Students, and every other citizen. He speaks of freedom and how to protect our "homeland". He states "the enemies hate us because we have freedom". (P. #3). As Americans we have the freedom to live where we want to, and how we want to. Most of all we have the "Freedom of Speech". We voice our opinions when we feel it is necessary, without being punished by the government. In America, we stand together as one nation, to keep peace and freedom! Identifying the structure of Bush's speech is ways to keep peace and freedom among everyone. In order to keep our freedom, we need to work together to keep our enemies out. He incorporates on how to eliminate all the "bad guys" one by one, so they will not hurt us again. Bush points out three main reasons to keep peace and freedom; 1.) Protecting our homeland! 2.) Hunting down the enemies. 3.) Preventing the killers from hurting America again. Protecting our homeland is a very difficult job to do, but it can be done when our people come together and fight for our nation. Hunting the enemies down will not be easy and we will lose some of our people, but they will be honored for their patriotism to protect our country. They will do everything they can to prevent the killers from entering our country to hurt the Americans. Bush uses a lot of pathos in his speech, such as "Enemy out there which hates America. They hate us because of what we love. We love freedom, and can worship an almighty God anyway we choose to. We hold freedom...

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