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Schools all over the country are considering, if not already applying, the removal of recess for elementary school students. Having recess has scientifically proven to play a substantial part in the social development of a child, their physical health, and the amount of attention they pay in the classroom. For example the Tennessee Board of Education says, "It is the position of the NASPE that all elementary school children should be provided with at least one daily period of recess of at least 20 minutes on length" (National Association for Sports and Physical Education). Keeping recess in schools could help lower the childhood obesity rate, help children to be more attentive in class, and assist in the development of their much needed social skills. These aspects are essential to academic healthiness and to your child succeeding academically. Removing recess could cause a dramatic decline in the graduation rate in the U.S.
Keeping recess in schools has both its pros and cons. Along with the positive things presented by keeping recess there are also the things that prove to be negatives. One problem presented by keeping recess is that class time is cut shorter. Instructors are pressed to teach the lessons in a shorter amount of time. "Schools began cutting back recess in the late 1980's to allow more instructional time" (Jarret). Shorter instruction time means less time for the teachers to reiterate what has been taught that day. Another problem with recess is that if not properly supervised children can injure themselves or one another. Also, some children get bullied while on the playground.
Even though these problems exist, recess still has its positive aspects. "A daily break of 15 minutes or more in the school day may play a role in improving learning, social development, and health in elementary school children" (Albert Einstein School of Medicine). These short breaks are great socializing time for the students. Children have the opportunity to talk and socialize with others, and in the process learn different things such as the culture of their classmates and friends. In the classroom students do not have that time because teachers usually require silence while they are instructing the class.
Recess is a good opportunity for some children to get the social time they do not get outside of the school environment. Some students may be an only child and do not have the opportunity to socialize with anyone else. Others may live in a neighborhood with few other children, or they may live in a bad neighborhood where it is not safe for them to play outside. If they have recess they have the opportunity run and play with students their own age. The development of social skills will play a very important role later in life. Reason being is that most jobs require at least a minimal amount of communication skills such as the initial interview. Most employers take the initial performance in the interview as what they will...

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