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Keeping Social Unity Essay

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Sixty-seven years later the effects of the United Kingdom’s rule still linger in India. Although the Indian government did not change to replicate a constitutional monarchy, the government was still affected by the decade less than two centuries of oppression. The United Kingdom affected the economy. India was known for its spices and good trade items, but after the UK took over, the economy just went downhill leaving many on the streets. However, India and its culture were never influenced by religion. Even though the government and the economy were overrun by their imperialist nation, social unity was strong throughout the one-hundred and ninety years of oppression. The United Kingdom may ...view middle of the document...

The availability of doctors is only sixty-five for every hundred-thousand people. In comparison to the UK, India has 212 less doctors. With that the infant mortality rate is 43.19 deaths per a thousand children born alive. That is a high rate especially compared to 4.44 deaths per thousand live births, of the Imperialist Country. The rate probably will not get lower soon, along with the .3 percent for the HIV/AIDS rate stretching the doctors thin. All of these factors bring the life expectancy to a young 67.8 years, in comparison to the 80.42 years of UK. To top it all off, the school life expectancy is a low twelve years in comparison to the average sixteen years. With the below average school life expectancy literacy rates are a shockingly low 62.8 percent, where normally the average is ninety-nine percent. With the crashed economy and the failing government, it is a surprise that social unity stayed the same.
After the one-hundred and ninety years of law enforcement by the United Kingdom, the 4,173 miles between the capitals were still unconquerable by culture not native to India. No matter how hard the UK tried, Christianity had little influence on India. English may have been made the official language, but Hindi is still the common language in India, taught at every school. One category of social unity, ethnic groups, is something that never changed. Between the United Kingdom and India there are no common ethnicities. Media in India is not as...

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