Keeping Up Grades To Do Sports: Yea Or Nay?

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Schools all across the nation offer a vast selection of extracurricular programs, some of the most popular being sports, band and choir, and student council. These clubs are meant to enrich a pupil’s high school experience and produce a generation of well-rounded young people. But is it fair to require one who wants to participate in these activities to sustain decent grades? Does it seem right that the most athletically talented student in the campus can’t be part of his or her sports team because of a failing grade? Well, attempts to up the mark for academic eligibility for high school athletes started in 1983. Stated by the LA Unified School District in their new policy, “To be eligible ...view middle of the document...

In Iowa, the typical athlete has a GPA of 3.11, resting around the A- to A range, depending on the difficulty of his or her courses. This fact brings this topic to the term of "student-athlete," a phrase you may or may not have heard of before. A student-athlete means somebody who is adept in both education and sports, both of which are critical parts of a high school transcript that colleges and universities look at when accepting new students. For students that want to get a sports scholarship, having decent marks will certainly benefit them in the long run. Now a sophomore in UConn and member of the basketball team, Jared Williams of Mystic, CT, says, “I used to have all passing grades but one failing grade in my Physics class that brought my GPA to a 2.9 and made me ineligible for the school team. The school policy helped me step up my game in that course so I could be part of something I truly wanted a future in, even if I was reluctant to work hard at a subject I didn’t like. The improved grades looked stellar on my record, which helped me quite a bit while looking into scholarships and universities.” Students who are diligent in their academics tend to be able to achieve more in other aspects of life, such as finding a career and keeping up well with his or her own extracurricular events.

The previous paragraph brings this to the issue of the level of education our current generation is receiving. Stop a random stranger at the store and ask them how many states there are in the United States, and you’d be surprised at the variety of answers you receive, even “I don’t know.” Unfortunately, America is slowly deteriorating into one of the stupidest nations in the world. If current world problems of shaky economies, health crises, and environmental flaws want to be solved, the nation needs to be producing intelligent and educated generations of people. Encouraging students to try hard to earn what they want and line up their priorities in a logical manner is the right path to take, leading to a nation with people with higher IQs. As of now, the U.S.’s average IQ score is 98. While it is higher than it has been in past decades because of the progressing reforms in our daily lives and efforts to escalate our level of education, the country is still behind several other regions such as Finland and Hong Kong, according to a 2009 study that ranked the United States at 25th place among 34 countries in math and science. Due to the growing amount of school rules that say you must have a certain GPA to gain privileges like band and drama club, it is established that high school athletes and musicians tend to have higher grades than most other students. Do you want to see America falling behind even further from foreign peers in the educational range, or do you think it’s time to step up and reform our pedagogic criteria?

Furthermore, another benefit that can be achieved from setting stricter academic...

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