Keeping Up With My Friends Essay

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Keeping up with My Friends

In my early years, my family and I seemed to be up to date with the fast growing technology. We had the things the neighborhood kids were jealous of. Then as I grew older, something happened. All of a sudden, I wasn't the only one on the block with the cool stuff. In fact, my things paled in comparison to my friends' new things. Now I was a bit jealous of my friends. I would ask my dad if we could have some of the same things my friends did, and the answer was always, "No". I didn't understand why he suddenly changed his point of view, but on the whole, it didn't upset me that much. I was a child who could live without technology. I only really cared about it when I was around it too long. Even now, if we didn't have some of the technology we do, or if it was suddenly wiped out, I wouldn't be that distressed.

You see, when I was young, my imagination ran wild. I always had my head in the clouds. Whenever my friends and I would play, I would come up with elaborate plots to pretend, or crafts to do. My friends and I would make up plays, get dressed up and put them on for an audience of parents. Anything and everything in my world could be used in a childhood adventure. There seemed to be no limit to the creativity my mind produced.

It wasn't because I lived in the middle of nowhere with no TV and nothing better to do with my time. In fact, some of my friends would use me for the things we had in my house. Remember Colecovision; that great game system from the early 80's? We were one of the first families to own it, and with every game imaginable. We also played Atari games. None of my friends, or my brother's friends for that matter, had anything like it, and we became very popular for a while. When I was in 3rd grade, we got a Super Nintendo. This was great, and we had a lot of fun with it. We were also the first people in my neighborhood to get that. Again, we became very popular for a while. I liked the system, but I didn't like sitting there for too long.

Something about sitting and staring at a screen for that long wasn't appealing. It was the same for television, except for Saturday mornings. One of my friends in the neighborhood, Lauren, was always fascinated by our growing technology. She only had regular Nintendo, and always wanted to play mine. After a while I was starting to get upset with her. Every time we did anything together, it was always at my house, in front of a screen.

Then the next year, we got a computer. It was some no name brand, but that didn't really matter to me. All I knew was, I had more games, I could write my little stories and such on this instead of the electric typewriter, and it had a paint program that I could draw with without wasting tons of paper. We were the first ones to get this new gadget too, and again, Lauren was always over wanting to play with it. We got in an argument once, because I thought her entire life was built around technology. I asked her if she...

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