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The Parks’ Family: “All American” white upper middle class, live in Bexley, Ohio. Both parents work. Paul works as an attorney for family law, mostly divorces and custody cases. Sharon works as administrator of All God’s Children, a private religious preschool-5th grade. Paul and Sharon have been married 28 years, have two children and a labradoodle. They are good people who regularly attend the local Christian church, participate in community service projects where the need is great, in the neighborhood on the other side of downtown Columbus, known as Franklinton. It is better known as ‘the bottoms’ to the residents, which include mostly low class, poverty single parent homes, drug houses, ...view middle of the document...

She refused at first, but then actually went and she enjoyed it! Paul and Sharon were so hopeful, thinking this would be what she needed to turn her life around and begin to do something valuable. Unfortunately, to their dismay after going each week for a month she “fell in love”, her words, with Tommy and his sister. Tommy and Sara were homeless and drug addicted, Sara made money as a prostitute and Tommy did small theft jobs. Lizzy brought both of them into the Jones’ home and in 12 short hours the house was trashed. After a week on the run with Tommy and Sara, Lizzy’s money was gone and she was strung out on dope. It still took her three weeks to come home, not knowing the withdrawal from drugs was going to be painful. She did not stay long she stole cash and jewelry from her parents and was gone again, this time she was gone for two months. Paul and Sharon did not know what to do, every few weeks they knew she had come home in the day to shower, eat and again steal. On one of those days Sharon was home, and told Lizzy she was not welcome there anymore, the locks and alarm code would be changed, but if she wanted to do something different they would help her. Lizzy refused. That broke Sharon and Paul’s hearts, although they trust God and usually know what is going on with Lizzy due to their working so closely with the homeless in the neighborhood where she is living on the streets. They continue to pray.
The family has always been close, despite Lizzy’s recent actions; Paul and Sharon are good at communicating and not blaming each other. They try to keep the details of her escapades from Michael, so not to worry him while he is at school. Since they have always stood by their rules and beliefs, they hope Lizzy will soon hit bottom and come home. Paul and Sharon have been going to meetings for parents of alcoholics or drug addicts for support and to learn how to set proper boundaries. Unfortunately, Lizzy’s addiction has led her to prostitution also and she has been getting arrested. While in jail she calls home but they no longer accept her calls, after the fifth time they have had to detach. It is extremely difficult during the holiday season, the family had many traditions they have stopped doing. They have adopted new ones but deep inside they hope Lizzy will return and they will go back to the traditions they practiced when she was they. This family can and has existed for years and years, maybe not as common as present days. There have been plenty of families with alcohol and drug addiction in them, the Parks’ family is relevant now and in the future. It is unfortunate that American families are plagued with the disease of alcoholism and addiction. And even if the details are not exact, the dynamics have been around for centuries and will continue
The Roberts’ family consists of a single mother and her only child Derrick. Derrick is nine, his mother Sally is 27. She had Derrick when she was 18 he has never known his father, Thomas,...

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