Kehde’s Vs. Bandana’s. Which Is Better?

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Barbeque in the Midwest is taken very seriously, and there are several fantastic restaurants around. I dined at two of the finest in Sedalia. It was an extremely close race, but of the two, I preferred the mouth-watering food of Bandana’s Barbeque.
When it comes to a unique atmosphere, it is pretty hard to beat the setting of Kehde’s Barbeque. The restaurant is an old train car called the “Kehde Flyer” which truly makes it one of a kind. It is a 1920 Pullman standard rail car which was used for ten years on the Delaware, Lackawana, and the Western railroads. It was pulled by a steam locomotive and was bought by the Kehde family in 1995. Kehde’s has an all-around cool atmosphere. There is a separate dining area other than the train, and you are given the choice of where you want to eat. If you are ever given the opportunity to eat at Kehde’s, I would definitely recommend dining in the train. The train itself gives the restaurant character. It literally feels like you are riding on a train. There are real train seats, which are a bit uncomfortable, but that is expected. Luggage bags sit on racks above the tables, and in the distance, you hear the distinct train whistle being pulled by little ones in the waiting room. Although Kehde’s has the edge over Bandana’s on atmosphere, Bandana’s did not go down without a fight. Bandana’s has its own uniqueness about it. There is a huge tin silo in front of the restaurant. It has a very country-styled atmosphere. There are bandanas hung throughout the restaurant with a sign that reads, “Different Ways to Use a Bandana.” I found this very unique and somewhat comical. In addition to the bandanas, there are county-western photos hanging on the wall throughout the restaurant and cow ropes draped from the ceiling. Bandana’s did not have quite as much space as Khede’s did. Both restaurants are very family friendly, but overall Kehde’s had me won when it came to a great atmosphere.
Both restaurants take pride in their service. Kehde’s service was fantastic. As soon as you walk in to the restaurant, you are greeted by the servers. We were seated immediately, and our waitress checked in with us numerous times. It did take a little longer than I expected for our food to arrive. Bandana’s service was also superb. We waited around ten minutes to be seated, but considering how packed it was and that it was a Saturday night, it was not too bad. Once we were seated, our...

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