Kelli White, An Example Of The Importance Of Credibility

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Credibility is the amount of trust people have in you. For example, a student would have an English teacher read over his paper because he trusts that teacher to catch his mistakes and be able to help him correct them. Kelli White is a professional track athlete who has competed in World Championships. White shows why credibility is an important quality and how cheating affects it.
Kelli White was born on April 1, 1977 in Oakland California to parents who were both sprinters. She attended high school in Union City, California and ran track. She was 12 when Remi Korchemny became her coach (Plitt). She would reunite with him after graduating college (Plitt). When Kelli White was 17, she was attacked and cut by a knife. Even though her injury required more than 300 stitches, she continued to run that year (Plitt). When White graduated in 1995, she held the record in the 200 meter dash and had the second best time in the 100 meter dash in the North Coast Section. She went to the University of Tennessee on a scholarship and graduated in 1999 (Plitt).
Kelli White continued to be successful after graduating college. White won gold in both the 100 meters and 200 meters at the World Championship in Paris in 2003 (Nazzara 1). Less than a year away from the 2004 Summer Olympics, White tested positive for a stimulant, modafinil (Nazzara 1). Her family has a history of narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder, and she claimed she was using the stimulant for medical reasons (Nazzara 1). It was proven that she did not need the modafinil for medical reasons (Nazzara 1). White’s coach had taken her to a colleague, Conte, who provided her with multiple vitamins and supplements, one of which he called flaxseed oil (Plitt). When he told her the flaxseed oil was a designer steroid she stopped taking it immediately (Plitt). White did not believe that in order to run, she needed a drug (Plitt). It wasn’t until a couple years later that she went to Conte about a full-scale drug program to enhance her performance (Plitt). When she was caught using the modafinil, she was banned for two years for using these steroids and was stripped of the gold medals she won at the World Championship.
Kelli White’s credibility dropped after she was caught using the steroids. Not only did her credibility...

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