Kellie and Derek’s QuickStep Essay

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Dancing with the Stars kicked off its 16th season on March 18th with a new all star cast of celebrity partners and just like the last 15 seasons there can only be one winner. Week by week partner teams were dismissed from the competition. The fresh face of a country singer, Kellie Pickler, and her professional partner, Derek Hough, preformed their way into the semi-finales with the approach to the quality of a dance and not quantity. All in a chance to entitle themselves with the coveted mirror ball trophy. Taped live in Beverly Blvd, Hollywood, CA, week 10’s performance show, before the final winner was announced, aired on May 20, 2013. The finale challenge was the judges choice of dance for each of the remaining contestants. Among those remanning teams, the duo of Kellie and Derek stunned in their judges choice of the quickstep to the track “Peppy and George”- Ludovic Bource. This performance was successful from the way the partners embodied the theme, to the costumes and lighting, and how the overall piece was performed best to the competitions guidelines for a quickstep. The main theme, consisting of the roaring 20’s, was consistently portrayed through out the dance.
Kellie and Derek’s portrayal of a high energy, fast paced, roaring 20’s number was complete with a black and white intro and a live jazz band suppling the music. The physically and technically challenging quickstep is defined as “a lively step or combination of steps in ballroom dancing” (quickstep). Judge Len Goodmen gave the duo some advice before preforming live on how to properly execute a quickstep, “you’re are a couple of magnets and
nothing is going to pull you apart” (Dancingwts09). As he is referring to the body connection
that is needed to properly convey the message of each step. The fast footwork and posture was at its finest throughout the dance as the music rose in tempo. Even adding in the viennese waltz to break up the rhythm change in the middle of the dance. By the end of their routine they added a elegant floor twist that caped off the whole roaring 20’s theme. Both partners were immersed in the attitude of the song and conducted themselves accordingly. Helping emphasize the power of the roaring 20’s was the technical aspects of the performance.
Even though this performance had little to no properties, sets, or added sounds, other than the musical assignment given to them, emphasized the powerful connection they built over the past two and a half months competing. The setup of this dance was designed to showcase their performance in its entirety with no distractions. The touches from the opening monologue to the lighting, live band, and costumes brought the dance to...