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Kelly Bone                                                                        

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Kelly bone FREAK ACCIDENT "Freak Accident," a novel, by Nick and Don Jacobs meticulously defines kismet as being only a "freak accident" that life throws at every animal or human being unexpectedly. As a Freshman College student, an individual might somehow try to prepare for the irrefutable obstacles nature will sporadically toss at each student as the journey begins in search for a better successful life in the nearby future. Jacobs, on the other hand, points out the fact that tragedies of life are portrayed as "freak accidents" with no preparation for the unpredictable because as a living individual "no one sees it coming." Attitude is everything. From the start, recent high school graduates tend to have a negative attitude about college. With that adamant mentality, students do not possess the desire to learn or have the thirst for knowledge and simply refuse to attempt anything if something appears to be tedious and insignificant. Dropping out of college within the first year is the road chosen by many freshman to travel down. If college students were only aware of the fact that "Success in life has little to do with liking and a lot to do with trying," then maybe students would concentrate a little harder on trying. A positive attitude, determination, setting goals, and working toward achieving the goals set by a certain individual can help inspire that student to work hard and not give up.From the beginning of puberty, an adolescent has the idea of being invincible and in control of one's life branded indelibly in their minds. This thought however, is indubitably only setting an individual up for failure and disappointment. As part of a college experience the blizzard in the novel," Freak Accident," represents formidable turns and dead ends unplanned for. These unexpected events and situations or "freak accidents"...

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