Ken Saro Wiwa Vs. Shell And Gbemre Vs. Shell Cases

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Ken Saro Wiwa v Shell and Gbemre v Shell cases demonstrate to us the state in which oil has failed to contribute in the development to the population of Nigeria. Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC), the main operator on land, owns by 55% Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), 30% Royal Dutch Shell, 10%Elf and 5% Agip. Shell as one of SPDC shareholders, accused for its involvement in the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa and eight other Ogoni people by the Government. On the other hand, Shell also sued by Jonah Gbreme on behalf of himself and the Iwhreken community in Niger Delta. The firm was sued for its oil probe and manufacture which gave rise to a gas flaring, which accused of transgressing the human rights to life and cause a great deal of environmental pollution which result in premature death, respiratory sickness, asthma, cancer and also cause a problem to food safety. The issue of gas flaring in Nigeria is in divergence to the state to the western world where ground reinjection is necessary in such case but which is very expensive.
Prior to 1995, the focus of shell CSR program in Nigeria rooted on reputation and risk management. To be able to participate in the development of social and economic features in Niger Delta, the firm adopted community assistance (CA) perspective which accentuate the corporate benevolence, whereas in essence the strategy was giving the communities in areas? Some of the activities that were included were:
a) Water and sanitation, the firm start off community water scheme.
b) Health Care, shell construct a hospital for the population and provide health care.
c) Education, the firm started a scholarship project (for university and secondary schools) and construct blocks of classroom.
d) Agriculture, the firm provide agricultural counselling for the farmers.
e) Infrastructure, the shell firm made developed roads, improve the rural electrification and redeem land for the community...

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