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John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 46, President for 1,026 days, was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas. He, his wife, Jackie, the Vice President and many others were in Dallas for a reelection campaign for the upcoming election in 1964 when the horrible incident happened. Sadly, there is no decent explanation of the assassination from the government - The Warren Report is a 26 Volume Report that claims that Lee Harvey Oswald is the lone assassin - I do not agree with this.The CIA was one branch of the government that was definitely a big thorn in Kennedy's side, and he, a thorn in theirs. The Bay of Pigs Invasion was the spark that ignited the devastating fire! Crossfire by Jim Marrs (1989) explains that over fifteen-hundred CIA trained anti-Castro ex-patriots were sent to seize Cuba, and kill Castro. At the last moment, President Kennedy - who agreed to this mission after the CIA had everything planned, all they needed was his young Presidential signature - cancelled the air strikes which were supposed to disable Castro's air force. As a result Kennedy took full public responsibility for the Bay of Pigs disaster though he secretly blamed the CIA (Marrs 5). In Mark Lane's Plausible Denial (1991) we are told that because of this whole fiasco, Kennedy fired three of the CIA's top men (Allen Dulles - Director of the CIA, Charles Cabell - Deputy Director and brother of the Mayor of Dallas, and, Richard Bissell - Deputy Director for Plans, the dirty tricks department of the CIA) and he planned to "splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds (Lane 93&98)." Kennedy would not support the invasion of Cuba again, and the CIA knew this, but it didn't stop them thinking about it, or training ex-patriots for another invasion, though one was never attempted, at least not that Kennedy (or the public) knew of. Vietnam was also a major issue that the CIA was involved in and unfortunately for them, so was Kennedy. Once Vietnam started getting more serious (by the summer of 1963), Kennedy reevaluated the United State's involvement in Vietnam (Marrs 306). The CIA wanted more and more troops to fight, they really wanted to win this war on communism, but Kennedy disagreed. He felt that the Bay of Pigs had taught him a number of things - one is not to trust generals or the CIA, and the second is that if the American people did not want to use American troops to remove a Communist regime 90 miles away from our coast, how could he ask them to use troops to remove a Communist regime 9,000 miles away (Marrs 306). Peter Dale Scott tells us in his book Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (1993) that late in 1963 Kennedy had authorized the withdrawal of one-thousand U.S. troops from Vietnam - this was the first step towards total retreat from Vietnam, which he anticipated would happen by the end of 1965 (Scott 24). This incident added to the fire that was roaring underneath the CIA - something had to be done about Kennedy.The Mafia is also a key...

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