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Kennedy As A Successful President Essay

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Kennedy as a Successful President

John F Kennedy was born is Brookline, Massachusetts in May 29th
1917into a large political family.

He at 23 years old graduated from Harvard, when he went into the Navy
during the war his PT boat sunk and yet even with injuries led many
survivors home. He was the 35th president in the USA and was the first
Roman Catholic and youngest person to be elected.

After the war he became a Democratic congressman. On September 12th
1953he married Jacqueline Bouvier who at the time was described as a
young and beautiful lady, which made him a very lucky man. He also
wrote a book which won a special award called the Pulitzer Prize.

In 1956 he was nominated for Vice President. During the presidential
campaign of 1960 he became famous for TV debates with Richard M. Nixon
candidate. In November of that year he won the presidential elections.

He was known also because of he never forgotten speak. He said:

"Ask not what your country can do for you- but what you can do for
your country".

Kennedy makes a perfect picture frame image especially with his wife
and children. He is the perfect family man who is young, glamorous and
has everything is going for him. Through-out his life he won the
hearts of many by making the right decisions and he gained the trust
worthy vote.

Kennedy was a war hero - he had been awarded a medal for bravery from
saving people's lives rescuing them, after their boat was sunk by the
Japanese in Wold War ll.

After his death in 1982 people in the US still remembered him as a
great leader. He was the most trusted and set the highest moral
standards, he also possessed the most appealing personality. He died a
young, proud man but due to jealously he was assassinated in front of
people who had a very positive image of him.

In the people's eyes around him he was a hero and what he believed are
submerged by the demands of those who now mourned him.

Kennedy's name became famous as a president in 1962 with the solution
for the Cuban Missile Crisis. The problem that arose was that all the
missile bases were being built on Cuba.

On October 16th Kennedy was informed of the missile build up. He then
realised that without boarding a naval blockade of Cuba to try to stop
the soviets to withdrawn their missiles could hit all the cities of
the US. On the 23rd of October Kennedy received a letter from
Khrushchev basically saying that soviet ship would not observe the
blockade. He denied that there is any existence of nuclear weapons on

Many ships got stopped at the blockade and Kennedy received a letter
saying that Khrushchev would dismantle the ships if the blockade is
removed, no reply came from Kennedy.

There was a worrying time though when there could have been a war
between the US and USSR due to non-...

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