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Kennedy’s "New Frontier" Program Essay

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As the President elect of the United States in 1960, John F. Kennedy aspired, to accomplish much during his presidency. Kennedy confidently called his initiative “The New Frontier” comprised of numerous major challenges. Some of the challenges were boosting the United States economy by ending a recession and promote growth in the economy, promote aid to third world countries by establishing the Peace Corps, and then transport men and women overseas to assist emerging countries in acquiring their own necessities. Additional challenges for the Kennedy administration were to build-up the United States National Defense and furthered the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) programs. Kennedy designed an ambitious legislative agenda for the final years of his term. Tragically, John F. Kennedy, himself did not live to see the enactment regarding the majority of his New Frontier. Enacted from 1964-1966, was Kennedy’s final agenda--Kennedy gained the respect, as a liberal force for change, following his death (Hoagland, 2008).
The National Economy and Ending the Recession….
Kennedy remained focused on the National economy and ending the recession, he accomplished a meek increase to the minimum wages for workers, during his presidency. In retrospect, he lost the confidence of business leaders in 1962, by seeking to rollback what the administration considered as extreme price increases within the steel trade. Although, he succeeded in the direct goal, victory did not come without a price. Ultimately President Kennedy, alienated an important source of support by later calling for a large tax cut to grant capital to large corporations, meant for stimulating the economy.
Additionally, some gestures were made by the president toward civil rights leaders; on the other hand, many Americans say that it was not until close to end of Kennedy’s presidency that he embraced the goals of the civil rights movement. Furthermore, Kennedy failed in his attempt to aid public education and to provide medical care for the elderly (U.S. Department of State, n.d.).
Nevertheless, President Kennedy, felt very strong about his most profound New Frontier vision--“Project Apollo” in which the United States would send human-beings specifically to leave “American footprints” on the moon. The President secured funding for NASA and challenged the United States to place an astronaut on the Moon by 1970, after the Soviet Union launched a cosmonaut into outer-space in 1961. In the forefront, of Kennedy’s initiative was the prospect of first-time co-operation between the United States and the Soviet Union beginning in space—literally. Ultimately, designed to spread around this world and ending the Cold War (Hoagland, 2008).
Signing the Alliance of Progress and Establishing the Peace Corps….
In signing the Alliance of Progress, in 1961, Kennedy allocated $20 billion in funds to Latin America for a ten-year foreign aid plan. Latin America's exchange involved legislation...

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