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Kenneth Oppel's "Dead Water Zone" As A Science Fiction Novel

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"Dead Water Zone" A Science-Fiction NovelKenneth Oppel’s Dead Water Zone fits right into the genre of science fiction. In this novel a young boy named Paul leaves his orderly suburban home for a murky place called Watertown in search of his runaway brother, Sam who is very intelligent but frail. Strange events occur that leads Paul to believe there is something peculiar happening in the waters of this town that involves his missing brother. This novel consists of all the necessary elements that make up a science-fiction based novel. This story is set in the future, the consequences of scientific advancements are realized and the relationship between mankind and technology is explored in this novel.The setting of this novel takes place in the near future where scientific principles are the basis of the story. A futuristic area of decaying docks and dilapidated buildings on the shore of a polluted lake forms the setting for this science-fiction novel. The advanced scientific principles that are explored in this novel are the use of chemicals, radiation, bioengineering and microorganisms. The story takes place in the future when pollution is the most dominant factor of major cities and towns, Kenneth Oppel stresses this in his novel “Paul gazed down at the opaque green water swelling against the boat’s side, the water was strewn with debris . . . timbers car tires, plastic canisters, oil slicked wooden spools” (Oppel 31). These points, including the advanced scientific principles, the cities overrun by pollution and the futuristic setting help prove that this novel is science-fiction based.The consequences of scientific advancements are realized. The City introduces a pollution-eating microorganism into the lake in hope of cleaning up their contaminated city, but it mutates and the water is further contaminated. People who drink from the contaminated water begin to show unusual powers of strength and heightened senses but then the water proved to be toxic and deadly. The Consequences of this scientific advancement are that the water is strengthening and poisoning the residents. The residents then become hostile from the water which turn them into primitive dead-water addicts with a...

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