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Kent Research Essay

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The US invasion of Grenada also known, as operation Urgent Fury, was one of the very first large scales military operation conducted since the United States’ participation in the Vietnam War. The United States saw this small socialist country with rapid development as a form of a catalyst that could set the example for other small countries to follow. With the construction of a new airport the United States saw this as a danger to American security. This small island could make it very easy for communist countries such as Cuba to receive weapons. Using the excuse the students were stranded due to a coup that was taking place in the country America saw this as a perfect opportunity invade the ...view middle of the document...

While the leadership of Gairy was failing a new movement was going on known as the New Jewel Movement led by Maurice Bishop, a lawyer. The New Jewel Movement clashed with Gairy forces, leading to tragic days such as Bloody Sunday, and Bloody Monday. Eventually while Gairy was away the New Jewel Movement, planned a coup’ de tat and at that point 1979, Maurice bishop became the prime minister of Grenada. This is where the trouble starts, Maurice not wanting to receive help from the United States decides to ask for help from Cuba, the helped received was overwhelming.
“the following weapons were received from cuba; 3400 rifles with 3 million rounds of ammunition: 200 machine guns with 500,000 rounds of ammunition 100 pistols with 66,000 rounds of ammunition: 100 shoulder-fired rocket launchers with 4000 rockets; 12 82mm mortars with 4800 mortars shells and 12 12.7mm anti-aircraft guns with 237,000 round of ammunition.”(page 153)
With the leadership of Maurice bishop the country slowly started to become more socialist. With the growing relations between Grenada and Cuba, on November 19, 1979 Bishop announces to the Grenadian people that Fidel Castro has “…Personally authorized Cuban aid to construct a new international airport in Grenada”(155). Then a year after relations with Russia grew when Grenada “signed a treaty with the soviet union which granted landing rights in Grenada to soviet Tu-95 Bear-D long range reconnaissance aircraft “(154)
Throughout this whole time the United States is idly watching, they understand the strategic advantages that Grenada could have for the USSR. This posed a very immediate danger to the United States if the soviets could use the airspace to transport Also the United States is in a state of panic, not know if the US would be attacked. Paranoia ensued.
“Reagan was worried that Cuba – under the direction of the Soviet Union – would use Grenada as a refueling stop for Cuban and Soviet airplanes loaded with weapons destined for Central American communist insurgents”(pbs)
The United States was waiting for an opportunity to take control of this country that was imposing such a threat against them. Finally the United States saw an opportunity. On October 19, 1983 a coup’ de tat ensued that would lead to the execution of Maurice bishop. The people that lead the coup were called the people’s revolutionary army, who imposed very strict curfews anyone caught after curfew would be killed. This gave the final push for the United States. American students who have been studying in Grenada were now in “danger” on October 25, 1983 operation Urgent Fury would commence. The plan of attack was to conduct an airborne assault on the Point Salines airfield at dawn”(dod). While simultaneously conducted “operations to seize radio free Grenada, the Governor's residence to secure Governor General SCOON, and Richmond Hill Prison to secure political prisoners.”(dod). These primary objectives were not easily achieved the American troops...

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