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On May 4th, 1970 an extremely tragic event occurred at Kent State University. On this date the Kent State shooting occurred causing a huge catastrophe on campus and physically injuring and killing many students. The shootings that occurred on this day were stemmed from many students participating in an anti-war rally on campus. The National Guardsmen and the police officers that were on campus could not calm down the students and decided to star throwing tear gas into the group of students. When the tear gas did not disperse and calm down the students the National Guard began to fire bullets at the rallying students. This caused complete chaos and also led to many students being seriously injured or killed. Over 900 college campuses were also shut down because over a million students went on strike following the shootings that occurred at Kent State University.
The shooting at Kent State University was a dramatic event that is argued to have “had a direct impact on national politics and was an element of what destroyed the Nixon administration .” The students were rallying because they did not believe in continuing the Vietnam War and did not agree with Nixon invading Cambodia, which was a neutral country at the time. “The decision to bring the Ohio National Guard onto the Kent State University campus was directly related to decisions regarding American involvement in the Vietnam War1.” Many different college campuses had anti-war rallies at this time, so the National Guard was brought in to calm and disperse some of the rallies that were occurring. The particular rally that occurred at Kent State University on May 4th caused a huge uproar and attention from all over. This rally became known and so did the others that were going on at other campuses. More people became aware of the anti-war rallies thus causing “a direct impact on national politics1.” These rallies started to become publicly noticed especially the Kent State University one because of the amount of violence that occurred. Some people could not believe that the National Guard would shoot and kill and injure students. Others thought the National Guard did the right thing in putting an end to the rally. “The White House blamed the killings on the students themselves .” This fact enraged people and gave them another reason to stop believing in the Nixon administration.
“America's involvement in the war appeared to be winding down. In late April of 1970, however, the United States invaded Cambodia and widened the Vietnam War. This decision was announced on national television and radio on April 30, l970 by President Nixon, who stated that the invasion of Cambodia was designed...

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